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Summer Term 2

Welcome to Term 6!


This term, we spent the first week finishing off our previous enquiry about space, which resulted in a wonderful parent event where the children had the opportunity to test out their Mars Rovers which they had designed and constructed in DT. 


We then moved on to our new enquiry:

What are the benefits of trade links and buying locally?


To find out more about this enquiry and what we shall be learning this term, take a look at our newsletter and enquiry mat below.

Our wonderful Mars Rover parent event


We began our term testing out our authentic outcome from Term 5 - our Mars Rovers! After going through the design and building process, we knew we needed to test them against our design criteria. 

Our criteria was as follows: 

Your lunar rover must be able to travel across rocky or unknown terrain
It must move forwards and backwards
It must be able to climb uphill or up a ramp
It must contain a working motor and a switch
It needs to be able to hold at least one astronaut passenger (a lego person for the prototype)
Thank you to our parents and families who came along to test them out. We had a wonderful afternoon with you and the feedback on our work was lovely.

Sports' Day fun!


The Honeybee Class had a wonderful Sports' Day and demonstrated our values of love and integrity throughout. It was heart-warming to see children supporting and cheering for one another. There were many personal achievements seen this year - not only from the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners - but from some of our Honeybees who were apprehensive about competing yet they gave it their all! The Y5 adults were very proud of them. Here are some pictures from our morning.

Terrific tennis in PE


We have enjoyed learning how to hit the tennis ball to our partner using the underarm and overarm serve.

Designing our pop up cafe in DT


This term, the wonderful Honeybees are designing and planning a pop up cafe as part of their DT project. We have been busy designing logos and ideas for products, as well as menu choices and invitations. See some of our fantastic work below.

What are the benefits of trade links and buying locally?


In our enquiry, we have been finding out about where our clothing - in particular our school uniform - comes from. We have also been learning about biomes and which foods are imported to our country and which are grown here. 

Persuasive Letters in English


The Honeybees have been so passionate about their enquiry that they wanted to write persuasive letters to our local businesses persuading them to sell more Fairtrade products in their stores. Here are some examples of our work: