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Term 3- Would the Vikings do anything for money?

Welcome back to the Spring Term. We hope that everyone has had a magical Christmas and a Happy New Year! We have lots of fun and engaging learning taking place this term including learning about the Vikings, painting Viking longboats, swimming, learning how to play brass instruments and lots more! 


Please see below our Enquiry Mat and Newsletter for this term. This will provide you with an overview of our learning this term and key dates. 

Paralympic Games Experience 

It was a pleasure to welcome in a coach to teach us more about the Paralympic Games. We learnt how to play boccia and goalball - we were surprised by how challenging these games are. This gave us a great appreciation of the perseverance, resilience and hard work that is required to succeed. 


This term we are learning about living things and their life cycles. 

Today, we learnt about the different parts of a flower and how flowers reproduce. We dissected a flower head and labelled them, outlining their purpose and whether they are the female or male part of the flower. 


As part of our preparation for writing our own Norse myth, we role played the climax and resolution of our myths for a better understanding of what we wanted to write. 


We are very excited for our Music lessons this term as a musician is teaching us how to play brass instruments. Here you will see most of us holding a brass instrument for the very first time and even managing to make a sound. 


This term, we are learning how to use CAD tools to create our own virtual art galleries. In our first lessons, we sketched our ideas and explored creating 3D shapes using Sketchup. 


This term, we are learning how to use rhythm and choreography to create our own carnival danced. In our first lessons, we created our dance names and a dance routine for the beginning of our routine.