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Man on the Moon

Has Man ever been to the Moon? How do we know?


Has Man ever been to the Moon? How do we know? These were the questions we were trying to answer today. The children had a range of sources from photographs to newspaper articles. They ranked them from ones that helped prove that Man has been to the Moon most to least. We then used the sources and read some statements and matched up which sources helped support each statement.


Christmas prep!


This week the children have been very excited to start their Christmas calendars. The children have worked super hard with their observational drawings and have given each other feedback on their work and then adapted and changed their work to try and improve the end results. Cant wait to finish our final drafts of these and send them out at the end of term. 

Whole class guided reading


This week we tried something new with our guided reading sessions. Instead of small groups we tried a whole class approach. The children were partnered up and as a class we began to read the text. First Miss Hinch read it, then the children have the opportunity to choral read with Miss Hinch, then the children read in partners and finally by themselves. It was amazing! The children's enthusiasm was through the roof. 

A grand day out.

This week in English we have been using the animation - Wallace and Gromit - A grand day out. The children have loved looking at this animation and writing about it.  


To start our Man on the Moon Topic off the children decided whether or not they would go to the Moon on holiday - 14 children said yes and 14 said no. We will ask the question again at the end of the Topic to see if any one has changed their mind. 

As a class we discussed what sorts of things did we already know about the Moon or what we thought we already know. Throughout the topic we will be crossing off some of the things that are not true and adding what we have learnt. 



Our lovely Topic board ready for Term 2! The children were already so excited and full of questions that they wanted to know about the Moon. 


Our overarching question for the term is ' Would you go to the Moon on holiday?'