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T2 - How can one person's actions impact other people's lives?

This half term our enquiry question is 'How can one person impact other people's lives?'. We will be exploring significant people and the impact that they have had. We will be considering how we can impact other people's lives also.

This term's enquiry mat

In English, we are learning to write a Viking saga. We have been reading 'The Saga of Erik the Viking' and 'Thor and his mighty hammer'. We have really enjoyed creating a text map to help us internalise the text! We have described our own character, Biorn, who will feature in our Viking sagas later this term.


In Maths, we have been learning to add and subtract 4-digit numbers. We have been trying to find the most efficient methods to help us waste less time and effort to find the answer to a calculation.



We have also started to learn about length and measurement. We are learning to convert between different measurements, like km, m, cm and m! We will apply this to adding and subtracting lengths to help us work out the perimeter of 2D shapes later in the term.



In History, we have begun to learn about the Vikings. We took a trip to our school timeline to identify the time period the Vikings lived in Britain. We were interested to find that they overlapped with the Anglo-Saxon time period. We have looked at a range of sources from the battle of Lindisfarne, understanding how the same event has been remembered differently from 2 different perspectives!


In French, we have been practising our numbers up to 20 and using these to add, subtract and multiply! We love singing French songs as a class. 


In Science, we are exploring electricity. We have researched the impact Thomas Edison has had on our lives today. We found out that he was a significant inventor. As a class, we decided that we are grateful for Edison's invention of the lightbulb - particularly at this time of the year when it gets dark early! 


In PE, we have begun to explore how cats move as part of our dance unit relating to cats! We have explored how we can use movement to represent the movement of a cat. We have worked as part of a group to think of moves that can represent how cats pounce! In our lessons with Elite, we have been learning the skills to help us play hockey.


In RE, we are studying Hinduism. We retrieved our learning about the Trimurti from Year 3 and clarified the key values of Hinduism. We are learning to explain how Hindus express their faith. We have started to learn about the Puja plate and how Hindus can worship at home. 


In DT, we are weaving this term. We have learned all about Gunta Stolzl and the impact she had on the weaving industry. We have begun to explore the weaving technique by creating poppies for our Remembrance Day wreath. We are practising 'under, over, under, over'! We can't wait to create our Christmas cards, calendars and hoop decorations.