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Term 5- Where does our food come from?

Welcome back to Term 5! We hope you have had a restful Easter break, we have lots of amazing learning to share with you this term. We are doing lots of growing of vegetables and plants and will be sharing the journey of how food develops from a seed to our plates.


Our enquiry question this term is: Where does our food come from?


Please see below, this terms enquiry mat and class newsletter which gives you lots of information about the children's learning this term.


Food Production

So far this term children have prepared our gardening beds, planted potatoes, onions, tomatoes, carrots and leeks as part of our food production for term 6, the children have really enjoyed starting to see our food grow.


This term in writing, children have been looking at the narrative genre and have focussed on the book 'The Enormous Turnip'. Children have explored and created different vocabulary banks about various root vegetables to inspire them to rewrite the narrative. Children have also been acting out key parts of the story to practice their oral rehearsal. 


This term, children have been practicing events for sports day, so far the children have practiced, throwing skills through javelin and shot put. They have also practiced their jumping skills to take part in long jump activities.


This week in RE, children have been exploring the five pillars of Islam and their significance to influence Muslim belief systems and how they are used to guide people's actions.


This week in geography, children were identifying where our food comes from and the different categories and isles that food can be found in shops. Children looked at the 3 F's of food: Frozen, Fresh and Fast and they organised the food whilst thinking about the isles in supermarkets.