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Home learning W/C 13th December 2021

Hello to all my little Owls being superstars at home. Please see below this week’s learning. I hope you are all well and I look forward to catching up with you in the week.


Lesson 1

Lesson 2

Lesson 3

Lesson 4

Lesson 5


Maths 1

Phonics 1

English 1

Guided Reading 1

Enquiry 1



Phonics 2

English 2

Guided Reading 2

Maths 2



Phonics 3

English 3

Guided Reading 3

Christmas party



Phonics 4

English 4

Guided Reading 4



Guided Reading 5

Phonics 5

English 5


Nativity performance



This week in Maths we will be finishing off our addition and subtraction to 20 unit.

Maths 1 – Please watch the first video ‘Subtraction - finding the difference’ and then complete the first part of the work sheet below.

Maths 2 – Please watch the second ‘Subtraction - finding the difference’ video and complete the second part of your worksheet from Maths 1.




This week in phonics we will be looking at the different ‘ai’ and ‘oi’ sounds. For each day there is a Mr Thorne video for you to watch and an activity. These can be done on the sheet or on a piece of paper.

Phonics 1 – Click here for today’s video and then complete the worksheet below.

Phonics 2 - Click here for today’s video and then complete the worksheet below.

Phonics 3 - Click here for today’s video and then complete the worksheet below.

Phonics 4 - Click here for today’s video and then use the phoneme spotter sheet to find as many words with the ‘oi’ sound in them as you can.

Phonics 5 - Click here for today’s video and then complete the worksheet below.



In English this week we are exploring a winter poem called ‘Snowflakes’.

English 1 – Spend some time today reading and learning the poem. You may want to think about some actions for each line of the poem to help you remember it.

English 2 – Today we will be going outside and exploring our outdoor area to collect lots of vocabulary related to winter. If you can, go outside into your garden and have a look at your surroundings. What can you hear? What can you see? What can you touch? What can you smell? Start to create a bank of words. You may also click this link to a video that will help you collect other words related to winter. You can record you answers as a list or by drawing a picture and labelling it.

English 3 – In today’s lesson we will be learning all about rhyming. Watch the BBC bitesize video about rhyming and then have a go at trying to find 3 words that rhyme on the sheet below.

English 4 - Today we will be drafting our poem. In school we will be doing this as a class. You may want an adult to help you. Think about what words rhyme and don’t forget to use all the winter vocabulary you collected on Tuesday.

English 5 – Today we are editing and publishing our poem. Spend some time today looking back over your poem. Are there any changes you wish to make? You may then want to write out your poem again in best and draw a winter picture to go with it. I would love to see your finished version.

Guided reading

Spend your guided reading lessons this week learning the poem ‘Snowflakes’.

On Monday you may want to get an adult to read the poem to you.

On Tuesday read the poem together and discuss the vocabulary used in the poem. Are there any words you don’t know? Can you find the meaning? What are the WOW words?

On Wednesday read the poem together again.

On Thursday try taking it in turns to read the poem and think about where you might use expression.

On Friday read the poem on your own and complete the questions below.



Today we will be looking at what the astronauts did when they were on the Moon. Use the sheet below and highlight 3 things the astronauts did whilst they were there. In class we will then be re-enacting this and creating our own film. It would be lovely if you could do the same. Have a think about how the astronauts might have moved around the moon and what this might look like. How are you going to act out what they did?


Our PE lesson this week we will be practising our yoga skills. Click the link to participate in this week’s Christmas yoga activity.



In school we will be practising the letters d/e/f/g. Use this tine to practise the correct letter formation for these letters. Don’t forget that the letter ‘d’ is a tall letter and the letters ‘f’ and ‘g’ are long letters.


This week in school we are going to be very busy making our Owls Finest Fudge. Spend this time doing something you enjoy with your family. It could be some Christmas baking or colouring or anything you enjoy.

Christmas party

This week we will be celebrating our Christmas party. We are sorry that you can’t be with us to celebrate this but please enjoy some time with your family. You may want to do some Christmas related activities.

Nativity performance

Follow the link below to watch our Reception and KS1 nativity performance.