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Term 1

Miss Anstey's Bakery

Today we introduced our thematic question of 'How do we recover from disasters?' with the children visiting Miss Anstey's Bakery around a camp fire. The children reflected on the flames and how they would react if that was to happen to their homes. We also spoke about how long it takes people to recover from that when their lives are impacted so significantly.

Look what arrived in the post...

The Kingfishers were really excited to receive the caterpillars in the post today. They have set up camp at the back of our class and we are watching closely to see how they grow.

Bouncing Basketballs

The children have been developing their basketball skills this term including dribbling, passing and catching with control. They have also applied their skills in a game scoring point by bouncing the ball into a hoop.

Science Survival Skills hunt

The children hunted around the grounds today for pictures that linked to humans survival. The children had to identify them and discuss why they were important in order to meet our needs.

Look what we watched grow!

The caterpillars grew and transformed within their chrysalides into beautiful butterflies! The children have been fascatinated watching them grow and it was brilliant to watch he soar and fly into their natural habitats today.


Today has been such an important day throughout school. The children have celebrated and shared ways we can show kindness and spread happiness amongst us. The children also learnt the importance of Its ok not to be ok. We had some great discussions about our emotions and what we have around us to help us feel empowered.

The Harvest Experience

The Kingfishers enjoyed a lovely walk to St.Leodegars church where Sudarshan shared different types of Harvest. The children learnt the importance of patience when growing plants and the different crops you could choose.

Harvest Donations

The Kingfishers were so proud to be in charge of the Harvest donations. All the children helped bring the donations to my car and I was very proud of the 4 children who helped deliver them to Centre Point OutReach charity.