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Online Learning W/C 29th November

Week commencing 29th November. 


Hello Foxes,

I am sorry you cannot be with us at school but that does not mean you have to miss out!  A variety of work has been uploaded below for you to complete and a suggested timetable for when you might want to complete these activities. Keep being fantastic and remember keep going, keep growing! 


Morning work

Lesson 1

Lesson 2 – After break

Lesson 3

Lesson 4 – After dinner


Reading for pleasure

Times tables practise on hit the button

Guided reading – The Final Challenge

Art – printing



Reading for pleasure

Maths 1 – equal groups.

Guided reading – Stone Age Boy comprehension 1.

English lesson 1





 Reading for pleasure

Maths 2 – using the multiplication symbol.

Guided reading – Stone Age Boy comprehension 2.

English lesson 2

 Maths shed


Reading for pleasure

Maths 3 – arrays

Guided reading – Stone Age Boy comprehension 3.

 English lesson 3

Spelling shed


Reading for pleasure

Arithmetic – arithmetic test

Guided reading – Stone Age Stew.

English lesson 4

Maths shed



This week we are starting our learning of multiplication.


The learning is as follows: 

  • Making equal groups. 
  • Using the multiplication symbol. 
  • Arrays.


Please complete the worksheets below. 


The link below has videos that explains the methods to help complete the worksheets below. Please watch the first three videos (equal groups, using the symbol and using arrays) before completing each relevant worksheet.


White Rose Maths teaching videos




English - character and setting descriptions.

This week we are continuing to draft our retelling of the story 'Stone Age Boy'. We wrote the beginning of the story last week and began writing the main body of our narrative. Please can you take some time to continue and finish writing the retelling of this story, focusing on including both setting and character descriptions. 


We have been using a checklist whilst writing our narratives to ensure that every sentence is coherent and that our narratives include both character and setting descriptions. Please use this checklist and all resources attached below to support you with the writing of this story. Attached is also the Stone Age Boy text which will help you to recall and remember the story. 


Lesson 1 - write up to page 11 of the book. 

Lesson 2 - page 11 to 20 of the book. 

Lesson 3 - page 21 to 26 of the book.

Lesson 4 - page 27 to 30 of the book. 

The checklist is as follows: 


1. I have used capital letters at the start of my sentences and for proper nouns. 

2. I have used adjectives and expanded noun phrases to describe the setting. 

3. I have used adjectives and expanded noun phrases to describe the characters. 

4. I have included fronted adverbials. 

5. I have used a range of conjunctions (a minimum of two). 

6. I have used full stops correctly at the end of a sentence. 



Please take this time to read for pleasure and answer the comprehension questions based on the texts attached below. 

The questions require you to use a range of comprehension skills that we have been developing throughout the Autumn Term. During our guided reading lessons, we have been answering comprehension questions based on the Stone Age Boy, therefore, I have attached the text below and a document that has questions for you to answer about the text in full sentences. As well as this, please answer the questions based on the two short texts attached named: 'Stone Age Stew' and 'The Final Challenge'. 


Use this time to practise your printing skills by using everyday objects around your home. 


We have been learning about greetings in French over the past two weeks. Please can you take this time to complete the worksheet below - unscrambling French greeting words. 


Please follow the instructions on the homework and complete the Maths and English sections.