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Sunday 3rd May


As we are approaching the 3rd week of term 5 it hardly seems possible. What I do know is that each and every one of you is missed greatly not only my myself but your teachers and whole school community cannot wait to see you again.  We must however ensure that it is safe for us to be together again so I ask you to wait a little longer until we have more information about when it is time for us to open school again.


I am extremely proud of you all as you’ve stayed at home and helped our community to be safe and well. I am excited to hear all about your stay at home adventures once we are back - I bet there are lots! I wonder, what new skills have you taught yourself? Which is your favourite book that you’ve read so far? Have you cooked something or created something that you have never done before? I would love to hear from you so why not send me a message in the contact me section below! 

A final note today is from our Reverend Sudharshan who sends his love and blessings to all of our school community. I have been helping Sudharshan with his live worships by reading some scriptures and I know that he is looking forward to being able to see you all again soon once back in school.


Take care and keep well.




31st March 2020


Good afternoon to you all, I do hope you and your families are keeping well. 

WOW! What a great week you have all had, there have been so many wonderful things shared on Twitter - what stars you are! 

When I drove past your houses earlier this week I could see your rainbows in pride of place in the window! If you are walking past the school see if you can spot what is in my office window this week, a very kind Fox painted it for me! heart  I would love to see you create your own version at home too.

Mrs Paul has been very busy at home, I even managed to do some baking last night - which was a real treat. 


I hope you are working hard, playing lots and keeping safe - your school family will be here waiting for you when we are able to be back together and then we can spend lots of time talking about all of the exciting things that we have been up to. 


Remember, if you need anything then just send a quick email via the contact us form or call the school between 8:30 - 3pm and someone will be here to take your call. 


Have a great week everyone and don't forget you can send me a message using the form below - speak soon. 


best wishes, 

Mrs Paul





smileyGood morning to all of our Wyberton 'stay at home' Superheroes.


Welcome to Mrs Paul's page - I shall be using this to message you all during our school closure - so keep an eye on it for updates!


Your teachers have been telling me what a fantastic job you have been doing to help keep everybody safe and well. I am super proud of you all and  I love the photos and messages on Twitter that your parents have been sharing.


I have been into school this week and it has been very strange and quiet without you all, but I want you know that I think of you all often and look forward to a time when we can all be back together again. We don't know when that will be yet, so until we do I need you to continue being amazing at home!


A little note to parents too, you will notice the wonderful Wyberton team have added bits of work to the website and we will provide what we can when we can, but please DO NOT feel under pressure to complete the work every minute of every day - that is not our expectation.  During this time use it as an opportunity for children to engage in practical things like learning to cook, telling the time, tidying and organising, cleaning, planning meals together and writing shopping lists. The list is endless and you will know what your children need the most. This is a perfect time for them to develop a habit of reading! We will continue to provide weekly updates so that you have something to access should you need it but enjoy the sunshine, be a family and most of all stay safe!



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Send me a message and let me know how you are doing - Let's keep in touch!