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English and Big Write

Monday Lesson 1 - Big Write

LO: To write a persuasive letter

For today's Big Write, we are going to use a visual literacy clip to write a persuasive letter. This will help us to apply some of our recent learning about persuasive features and persuasive language.

Head to the Video Resource Centre and watch this video to hear the input for this lesson.


In this clip, there are some little birds being unkind to the big bird. You need to write a persuasive letter to the Little Bird persuading him/her to change their ways. This is a great opportunity for you to apply those persuasive language techniques you have been learning including rhetorical questions and emotive language.

If you want to rewatch the video, click here.

There are some resources below to help you with this task.

Tuesday 26th January 2021

LO: To research relevant information to plan my paragraphs

In today's lesson, we are going to read the next few pages of 'Kids Fight Plastic.' Then we are going to use this to help us structure our plans and research information to go into our own paragraphs. Watch the video in the Resource Centre to help you with this task.


This website has some useful information and statistics which you might like to use within your plans.


My example plan to help you with today's English

Wednesday 27th January

LO: To organise my main ideas into paragraphs


In this lesson, we shall be using our plans to write our paragraphs. We shall learn how a paragraph is put together and use linking words and phrases to help us form our paragraphs.

Watch the video for the input to this lesson.

Thursday 28th January

LO: To plan my leaflet thinking carefully about the reader 


In Thursday's lesson, we are going to have a look at the layout of different leaflets, focussing on how they set out information and then you will decide which layout will be best for your own leaflet. You will then spend time planning out your own.

There is a quick video to explain this task in the resource centre.


Friday 29th January

LO: To begin to publish my leaflet, thinking carefully about my intended audience


In today's lesson we are going to begin publishing our leaflets, thinking carefully about the needs of the reader. 


I would like you to use your plans from yesterday and begin publishing your work. You will also have Monday's lesson to do this, so please do not rush. Take your time to get your subheading in the right place, take time to edit and check spellings as you publish, take time with your drawings for your images and if you have any colouring pencils or felt tips then you can use these to bring your leaflets to life!


I am so excited to see your finished pieces, but please please take your time! :)