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Reading at Wyberton Primary Academy


We believe that reading is a journey born out of curiosity for the world around us; leading to an understanding and enjoyment of texts, poetry and plays following a carefully structured path. In the National Curriculum, reading is split into the two dimensions of word reading and comprehension. 



At Wyberton Primary School, we provide children with opportunities to explore a range of fiction and non-fictions texts by a wide range of authors as reading for pleasure books starting in nursery. Reading for pleasure books allows for children to initially explore books by using pictures to talk about settings and characters  with their families. It allows them to develop healthy habits of listening to stories. Progression from this stage allows the children the opportunities to apply their learning of phonics to books within the Little Wandle phonics scheme. As the children work through the scheme, they will read a range of texts as well as continuing to share a reading for pleasure book. 


When children have completed the Little Wandle phonics scheme, children will progress through a range of age appropriate books including some of the English classics such as Oliver Twist, Black Beauty or some of the works of Shakespeare. Children choose their books to continue to develop a love of reading. Reading ambassadors provide school with recommendations based on the interests of their class.


Throughout our curriculum we provide opportunities for modelled reading, echo reading and independent reading. We are very lucky to have links with ‘The Orchards’ and our children love to visit there to read to the residents.

Reading Sheds

We have reading sheds on both the KS1 and KS2 playgrounds so the children can enjoy reading and sharing books with friends at break times.

Book Fairs

We share our love of reading with families through book fairs and The Boston Book Worms were the first book fair of the year. Every book was £2.50 and the school were also awarded new books as well. It was lovely to see so many parents exploring the books with their children.

World Book Day

Today as a school we enjoyed celebrating World Book Day. Children shared paired reading with a different year group buddy. They also had the opportunity to dress up as their favourite character or create their favourite book scene in a box. The highlight of the day was Choice Story time, where children chose a story to listen to with children from across the school, read to them by an unknown adult.