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Term 4 - How have holidays changed overtime?

Welcome to our new enquiry. Over the next 6 weeks we will be learning all about how holidays have changed from when our grandparents were little. We will be looking at a common 1950s holiday and comparing this to the common holiday today. 

What can a souvenir tell us?

Over the past 2 weeks we have been making simple observations and comparison between a 1950s holiday and holiday now. Today we looked at the different types of souvenirs you can buy on holiday and what these souvenirs tell us about a holiday - including: destination, activity, culture. 



Exploring sounds with our bodies in Music. 

This term in Music we will be learning a variety of songs and exploring how we can use our bodies to make different sounds to accompany the music. 


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Ordering numbers within 50. 

In Maths we have been learning how to order numbers from the greatest to the smallest and the smallest to the greatest. 

We started with ordering 3 numbers and then some of us went on to ordering 4 and 5 numbers. We spoke about how we might look at the tens and ones to help when ordering. 



Ball skills - throwing and catching 

In our PE lessons this term we will be developing our throwing and catching skills. We discussed what a good throw and catch should look like and began practicing our throwing at a target before moving on to throwing to a partners. 


What is a narrative?

This term in English we are learning all about narratives. We have identified some of their features and spent todays lesson exploring different examples of narratives and spotting the different features. 


Over the next few weeks we will be reading and learning the story 'Lucy and Tom at the seaside' by Shirley Hughes. This will then lead us on to editing and adapting the story to create our own narratives. 

World book day 2022

Year 1 have loved their world book day, dressing up as their favourite characters and exploring all things 'reading'. 

We started our day by drawing what we dressed up as and writing a sentence about why we chose this character. We then went on a scavenger hunt looking in lots of different books for different objects and characters. 

Our afternoon was spent with some paired reading with Year 5, some reading for pleasure time and a story with a member of our family. 



Measuring length and height

Today we started our new unit in Maths. We have been comparing the length and height of different objects around school using the vocabulary tall, taller, short, shorter, long and longer.