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Week commencing 4th January

Letter from Mrs Paul

Hello Badger Class,

How are you? I am sorry that we only got one day to spend together this term, but I am so incredibly proud of you for being stay at home superheroes!


In your pack, you will find an exercise book with lines in for you to complete any written work in English, Reading or topic lessons. Please set out your work as we would do in class with the date and title.


You will also find an exercise book with squares in for your Maths work. All of your activities and videos are on our class webpage. Nothing needs to be printed from the website and you can write down your work straight into your books.


This is a suggested timetable for Wednesday - Friday. Please use it as a guide for what works for you and your family, however please aim to complete Maths and English daily. This will be updated on our class page every Monday morning.



Morning lessons



Maths lesson

English lesson

Spelling games



Maths lesson

English lesson

Spelling games



Arithmetic Test

English lesson

Spelling test – go on to Spelling Shed for a special assignment!




You will see on our class website page that I have uploaded the cold tasks that we do in the mornings for morning work. Please complete each day’s activity and the answers can be found below.

In Maths this week, we shall be continuing to learn about multiplication. We shall learn the expanded method for multiplying two and three digit numbers by a one digit number. This video will help you with this:


(On youtube search for YEAR 4 Mini-maths Video Tutorial - Week 3 – Monday)

Arithmetic Test Answers

Maths answers for this week from our keyworker children


In English this week, we are going to be learning all about balanced arguments. Mrs Paul would like us to decide whether Wyberton should become a plastic free school - see her letter to the Badgers below! In our lessons this week, we are going to research reasons for and against plastics being used in school and identify the features of a balanced argument.


The powerpoint below will help you with this and explains each day's activities.


Lesson 1 - 

In our English lessons, we are going to be working towards writing a balanced argument.


A balanced argument has reasons for an against a certain topic question. Our balanced argument will focus on:

Should Wyberton Primary Academy become a plastic-free school? 


In today's lesson, I would like you to research reasons for Wyberton becoming a plastic free school and reasons against. You can write these ideas in your lined book. Some information is on the powerpoint to help you with this.


Lesson 2 - In this lesson you are going to find the features of a balanced argument. Read the slides for today's lesson and the example text which is below. Use the toolkit below (which is also in the powerpoint) and find these features in the text.


Lesson 3 - in today's lesson, we are going to write our introduction using subordinating conjunctions. Read the slides to see examples of subordinating conjunctions and I have included an example introduction to help you.


Please send me photos or Tweets of your work and I can give you feedback. If you get stuck with anything, please contact me. I can't wait to see your work!


Friday's balanced argument introductions


Our Spelling rule this week is the suffix -ous


Read the powerpoint to recap the rules, try some of the activities below and remember to access the assignment on Spelling Shed! On Friday if you log in to Spelling Shed, there will be one assignment ready which will be our Spelling Test!




This week, we have been reading the text Plastic Dinner which is all about Plastic Pollution. The text and questions are below. We read the text Plastic Dinner on Monday. For your first lesson, find the meanings of the words in the table. For your second lesson, read the inference questions and look for clues in the text to support your answers. For the third lesson, answer the questions by retrieving the information in the text.



In PSHE this week, we shall be learning what online advertising looks like, and asking questions about how organisations advertise online.


The powerpoint (PDF) and questions are linked on our webpage. Remember, you do not need to print any of these resources and you can access them online.


In PE this week, we shall be learning to create bridge balances in gymnastics! Look at the resources on our webpage to give you some ideas for creating these at home!


In RE this week, we shall be learning about the Five Pillars of Islam. The powerpoint (PDF) and questions are linked on our webpage. Remember, you do not need to print any of these resources and you can access them online.

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