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Term 4 How does water affect communities?


It has been so lovely to feel the classroom buzzing with excitement as the children have returned. Below you will find out all of the exciting things that we have been doing since returning to school.

At the bottom of this page, you will find the photos from Remote Learning that happened in the first two weeks of this term and the last two weeks of term



Mindfulness and meditation

Now that the children have returned, we have focused on emotional wellbeing, recognising what we need to do to keep our minds healthy. Every day, we are spending a few minutes practicing an element of mindfulness such as breathing exercises and meditation. The children are enjoying this time and can already be seen using the different techniques we have been learning about, at different points in the day.



Class Assemblies

Our class assemblies have provided the opportunity to reflect on ideas that help us to achieve a happy, healthy mind. We have used e-books to discuss the idea of 'growing' happiness, kindness and gratitude. It has been lovely to spend a few minutes each day, appreciating what we have around us. 

We have also used picture books such as 'Voices in the Park' by Anthony Browne to recognise emotions in others and that something may be causing people to feel a particular way. We also explored the positive things that the people in this book did that helped to make themselves feel better.

As the children are becoming more settled into the routines of school, we have started to explore the word 'integrity' and discussed what this could look like in action in Fox Class. This has helped remind everyone of how to make sure Fox Class is the best place to be!

Reconnecting and Teamwork

We have enjoyed reconnecting with each other and enjoyed team-building games to strengthen our relationships with one another.


We used the picture book 'Flood' to explore how water can affect communities. Through the use of VIPERS we were able to gain an excellent understanding of this story including how the characters may be feeling.


In Maths this term, we have begun our learning about fractions. There has been a huge focus on vocabulary so that the children had a secure understanding of the mathematical terms; the children enjoyed a scavage hunt, using clues to identify the correct vocabulary.

Comic Relief

We celebrated Comic Relief by dressing in bright clothes and spending the day making people smile and laugh. A highlight of the day was when we shared a virtual joke competition with Year 4.

Children's work from Remote Learning