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Term 2

Travel Safety Day

Today the children spent the day learning about how to stay safe while travelling around Wyberton and in the school grounds. 

The children discussed for keeping themselves safe at school by staying with parents and not playing on equipment before and after school. They discussed where safe places were to leave bikes and scooters and how to walk with them around school. 

The Kingfishers also walked round to the front of school and observed Saundergate Lane. We discussed how to safely cross a road, where to stand and how to check it is safe. 

We finished our curriculum day by learning about helmet safety. Lots of us use bikes and scooters so we learnt about how important it was to wear a helmet. Using a watermelon to represent our heads, we dropped it whilst wearing a helmet and we could see it was safe. Then I spoke to the children about what would happen if a car like the ones on Saundergate Lane was to knock us off our bikes whilst not wearing a helmet. The watermelon made a right mess and although the children initially found this funny, when discussing what it represents the children quickly realised the damage not wearing a helmet could cause.

Supporting Children in Need

As part of Children in Need, the Kingfishers took part in Five to Thrive. Throughout the week we looked at 5 different ways we could make sure children thrived. 

- Take notice

- Get active

- Connect

- Be curious

- Give

This involved lots of mindfulness and taking time to focus on ourselves. The Kingfishers enjoyed meditation throughout the week and made an effort to show kindness to those around them.


Our outdoor PE this term focused on dodging. The children have worked all term to develop this skill and find it really useful in games when avoiding the opposition. The children did well at getting low and moving quickly.

The importance of Staing Healthy

In Science, the Kingfishers learnt about staying healthy and how exercise was an important factor of this. The children experimented with exercise to see how it affected their heart rates. They ran laps of the playground to raise their heart rates and then yoga to lower them. The children learnt to find their heart rates in their wrists or their necks. 

Textiles art project

Throughout Art, the Kingfishers have looked into the history of Christmas Tree decorations and how they have developed over time. This led them to designing and creating their own out of felt. The children explored the skill of using the running stitch and then used this to sew pieces of felt together. This was later used again to create Christmas Puddings out of felt as well. The children found it easier second time around.

Hand washing as a way of keeping us healthy

In Science, our work continued with how to keep ourselves safe. We focused on hand washing and how important that is in the current situation we are in. We looked at all the different areas to wash our hands including our palms, backs of hands, in-between fingers and round our thumbs. 

Anstey's Bakery on Pudding Lane

We ended our studies of 'The Great Fire of London' with writing instructions for making bread rolls. In order to check their effectiveness we had to follow them to see if they worked. The Kingfishers produced amazing bread rolls and they thoroughly enjoyed trying them.