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Term 1

Canopic Jars

In our art sessions, we started to experiment with clay as a medium. The children learned that the Ancient Egyptians created objects called canopic jars using clay. These were used during the mummification process. The children enjoyed looking at the different skills they would need to make their canopic jars next week. Well done, Badgers.

Classifying Biscuits

The children have been learning about the concept of classification in our science lessons and spent a very enjoyable session creating classification keys to classify biscuits! They showed a great level of understanding of this process as they explored the features of the biscuits that could be used to sort them.

Our history lessons this term we are covering the exciting topic of the Ancient Egyptians, our enquiry question is 'How much did the Ancient Egyptians achieve?' so of course, we decided to explore the pyramids. We started this off by investigating why the Ancient Egyptians built pyramids and what they chose to store in them. The children enjoyed making their pyramids and then considered what they would take to the afterlife with them if they had the choice.

We learned all about the Ancient Egyptian Gods today, we were all very surprised to learn their was 11 gods in total and Geb swallowed the sun every night and gave birth to it every morning.