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Term 1 - It's Alive!

Year 6 have been developing their typing skills this term, having lots of competitive fun trying to beat their scores! Typing is a very important skill which the children have been developing and they are already getting much quicker. Well done Deer Class!


Year 6 have written some brilliant responses to our enquiry question this term: Just because we can, does it mean we should? They have included excellent references to R.E, Science and English (and also the Jurassic Park films when discussing de-extinction!). Take a look at two examples below:





Year 6 have now finished their prototypes of Frankenstein's creature - here is a small selection of their wonderful work. They successfully applied their understanding of circuits from Science to make their models make sound, light up or move. Well done Year 6 for creating some brilliant models, fulfilling the design brief you were given!


Here is a sneak peak of our whole-class Science book, documenting our learning so far this term. Year 6 are loving seeing their Science learning shown in this way, alongside the work in their books.


Here’s a snippet of our BRILLIANT writing today from Year 6! I’m loving the style, choices of vocabulary and the emotion in these letters from Victor Frankenstein to his father. I’m very proud of the Deer class!




The Deer class are loving exploring @tinkercad, using it to help understand how to design 3D moving models. Some excellent Computing and D.T skills are being combined - I can’t wait to see their models of Frankenstein’s creature next lesson!



Year 6 have been sharing their excellent thoughts in R.E today, linking to our enquiry question this term: Just because we can, does it mean we should? They have been debating whether it is right to clone or bring back extinct animals, focusing on religious beliefs & views on these topics. Well done Deer class!


We have started reading the tale of Frankenstein in our lessons and the children have posed so many brilliant questions and thoughtful comments about the story so far. They began by examining the front covers and using their deduction skills:



This then progressed onto recapping and applying a range of sentence types in a letter from Victor himself. The whole class made superb progress in using and punctuating simple, compound and complex sentences accurately (with a range of exciting conjunctions). 



The Deer Class have been loving using Spelling Shed to help learn different spelling patterns. So many of the children have been accessing it at home too, showing a brilliant aspiration to achieve - there have been daily check-ins in class to see who is at the top of the leaderboard. Who will it be next week? Well done Year 6 for your super work!


Year 6 have had a brilliantly busy two days, already discussing this term’s enquiry question:



We’ve also produced some superb art of Frankenstein’s creature - the children are such a talented bunch! Here is our classroom display so far.