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Term 4 - Where in the world would you like to live?

Experimenting with colour mixing

Today we were given only the three primary colours and white. We experimented with mixing the different primary colours to make 3 new colours (secondary colours). We discussed why all of the colours that we had mixed didn’t look the same and how adding different amounts of one colour can change the shade. We then explored how adding white to the primaries and secondaries can change the shade and again, how adding different amounts of white can impact the colour we end up with.  

Comic Relief #ShareASmile

To incorporate this years coming relief theme #ShareASmile,  we made funny emoji posters and spread them around our school’s outside area, hoping that when people saw them it made them laugh and smile as much as it did us in school. We took funny pictures of ourselves and decorated the outside of our classroom and in class, we had lots of fun telling each other jokes and spreading our positivity and smiles. 

Brilliant Mathematical vocabulary

Today we used some brilliant Mathematical vocabulary as we began comparing groups of objects and numbers, using greater than, less than and equal to! 

Boston’s new football stadium - is it a good or bad thing? In our Topic lesson this week, we were using role-play to explore different viewpoints members of the public might have about Boston’s plans for a new football stadium. The class questioned a Policeman, a Local Resident, a Burger King worker and an unemployed man/women. 
In conclusion, Owl Class decide that the new Boston stadium will bring many benefits to the area however, the bad points discussed are also a worry and they hope that these can be resolved within the local area by everyone being respectful and kind to others.

Getting to know our friends and our likes and dislikes.

In this weeks P.S.H.E lesson we were looking at what makes us unique, our likes and dislikes and what makes us different and the same to our friends. We played lots of games that helped us talk about what we liked and disliked and compared these to our friends. Our favourite game was would you rather? 
After learning new things about ourselves and our friends, we discussed how not everyone is the same and that different is good. We wouldn’t want a world where we were all the same because that would be boring. Concluding, we discussed how having different opinions and being different to our friends isn’t a reason to be unkind but more or a reason to celebrate our uniqueness! 

Calmness comes from within. 

To ensure we are looking after our well-being, we have been following calmer classrooms every day. Each day focuses on a different aspect for example on Monday we practise meditation and on Tuesday we focus on our breathing. We have enjoyed taking a few minutes out of each day to look after ourselves to ensure we are calm, positive and happy.  

WOW writing! 

As we continue with our story: Town mouse and the country mouse, we have produced some fantastic retells of the story and included lots of fantastic vocabulary! 
We listened really hard to the inputs of our lessons and have even included things in our writing that is beyond Year 1 expectations! We are superstars! 

Music- learning about the pulse. 

Year 1 thoroughly enjoyed their first music lesson from Lincs Music service. This week we were learning all about the pulse of music and practised keeping the pulse to different songs. We used different parts of our body and instruments. 

Town mouse and country mouse.

Linking with our enquiry question this term: where in the world would you like to live? Year 1 have started their new book. In our English lesson we have been making our own story maps and in our Guided reading sessions we have been picking out and discussing some WOW vocabulary that we hope to use later in in our own writing! 

Counting to 50.

In our maths lessons this week we have been counting numbers to 50, towards and backwards. We have also began to explore how these numbers can be represented with tens and ones. 

Reading for pleasure. 

Since all being back into school Year 1 have loved their reading for pleasure time. They enjoy getting to talk and discuss stories with their friends.