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Afternoon Lessons




This week, we are looking at the 'ly' suffix. Use the spelling list to explore how the suffix can be added to different root words. 


Have a go at the challenges on the challenge card. Let me know if you managed to beat it!



I have chosen a Christmassy poem for us to practise this week! Use the red and blue lines. Remember to be slow and steady!



As we have come to the end of our Vikings topic, we are going to present our learning to the rest of the class. 

At home, create a mindmap and try to add all of your knowledge about the Vikings. When you have added all of your knowledge, you can change the colour of your pen or pencil and add some more using books or the internet. 

Here are some useful websites:

BBC Bitesize Vikings

DK Find Out! Vikings


This week, we are consolidating our learning about electrical circuits. 

To get you started, retrieve your learning from last week and match the symbols with their meaning.

Then, have a look at these circuits. They all have an issue that means they won't light. Can you explain what the problem is?