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Week commencing 11th January

A letter from Mrs Paul - parents please read

Hello Badgers,


How have you been? Thank you to those of you who have messaged me over the last week. It has been lovely to hear from you.


Please send me questions, pictures or videos of your work using the ‘Contact Miss Lineker’ section on our class page. Even though we are not together in the classroom, I am still here as your teacher to support your learning, answer any questions you may have and give you feedback on your work.


This week, we shall be having a class story time on Wednesday between 11.30 and 12. If your parents have provided me with their email address, I have sent them a link for you to access this. If you would like to join but I do not have your email, then send me a message and I can add you to the list.


In the video resource centre, you will find videos to support you with your learning for this week. As always, if you have any questions, please get in touch!


Here is our suggested timetable for this week. Again, please adapt and change this to suit you and your families, but try to complete Maths and English every day. Remember to keep reading for pleasure too! Why not send me a review of the book you are reading? I would love to hear from you.


  Morning Afternoon
Monday Maths Big Write   Spelling Task Geography
Tuesday Maths English   Spelling Shed PE
Wednesday Maths English

11.30-12 Live Storytime

using Microsoft TEAMS

Reading Comprehension Science
Thursday Maths English   Reading Comprehension PSHE
Friday Arithmetic English

11.30-12 Celebration


watch this on the Video

Resource Centre once it

has been uploaded

Spelling Test on Spelling Shed Music



This week in Maths, we are moving on to division. In the Video Resource Centre, there is a video for you to watch called Maths Week Two. In this video, I guide you through the learning for each day. You can then pause this and re-watch parts to support you. Below are the questions for each day. There is no need to print these documents. Write the date and your answers in your book.


Tuesday's Maths extra practice if you wish to complete it

I have added some extra practice if you would like to use the short bus stop method. With the children in class, we have progressed to this stage. In the video resource centre, there is a video to explain how to do this.

This video link might also help you.



Wednesday extra practice if you wish to have a go


Hello super Badgers! Some of you have been wizzy Mathematicians this week and would like some extra challenges! Have a go at the questions below and set them out in the bus stop method in your book. See my video in the resource centre called 13/1 Maths extra practice and I will go through this with you to get you started :) 


Keep up the fab work!

12/1 extra maths practice answers

Big Write

For our Big Write this week, we are going to write a mystery story. Head to the video resource centre and watch the video called Week Two Big Write which will explain this task further. I have also recorded our ideas from the children at school to help you.



Write the date and LO in your book:

Monday 11th January

LO: To write a mystery story

Below is the inspiration for our Big Write. Open this document and have a look at the pictures. Write down some ideas for your story in your book. Think about the characters, setting and plot - how will your story begin? What will happen in your story and how will your story end?


In class, we usually spend about 40 minutes time independently writing. Try to do the same at home, if you can. Please send me your stories! I cannot wait to read them!


In English this week, we are continuing to write our balanced arguments. We are going to use our research to write our paragraphs for and against and then compose our conclusion. Head to the Video Resource Centre and watch the video called 14/1 English Week Two.  This will guide you through our learning for this week. I will add Wednesday's video once I have read your work from Tuesday. 


Tuesday 12th LO: To use subordinating conjunctions to give a balanced view

In today's lesson, we are going to use our research from last week to write our second paragraph using subordinating conjunctions to give a balanced view. The powerpoint and video goes through this in more detail. Video Resource Centre 12/1 English Week Two see video

Wednesday 13th LO: To use the language of a balanced argument

In today's lesson, we are going to use our research from last week to write our third paragraph using the language of a balanced argument. The powerpoint and video goes through this in more detail. Video Resource Centre 13/1 English Week Two see video

Thursday 14th LO: To sum up my key arguments and share my own opinion in my conclusion

in today's lesson, we are going to write our conclusion by summarising our main key arguments and sharing our own opinions. Video Resource Centre 14/1 English Week Two see video

Friday 15th LO: To use my toolkit to assess and improve my writing  

If you have time this lesson, you might also like to begin publishing your work

using our toolkits, we are going to assess our writing and make any improvements that are necessary. Then if you have time, publish your work neatly and I can send it to Mrs Paul and add it to the website!


I will record another video later on in the week to help with Friday's lesson once I have received your work during the week. Remember to contact me if I can help with anything! The document below is the powerpoint for this week's learning which is used within the video.


In Spelling this week, we are continuing to learn words with the -ous suffix. Below is your activity for Monday. For Spelling on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, access the assignment for this week on Spelling Shed and on Friday there will be a special Spelling Shed spelling test for you to complete which will focus on this week’s spelling words.


For your Reading comprehension on Wednesday you need to go to page 2 in your CGP book. We are going to read page 2 and answer the questions on page 3. The title of the text is ‘Choosing a bike.’

On Thursday, we are going to read the text on page 4 ‘The Tale of Custard the Dragon’ and answer the questions on page 5.

Go to the video resource centre to find a video called Reading Week Two. In this video, I read the text to you and give you clues to help you with finding the answers. I will also go through the answers with you in this video.



This term, we are thinking about how we can make the world more sustainable. Last week on Monday, lots of you identified that plastics and rubbish in our local environment are causing harm to our wildlife and polluting our planet. You were passionate about making a difference to our world and I believe that you can! This week in Geography, I would like you to go to the Video Resource Centre and listen to a story with an important message and I will explain this week's task further.

Then this week, if it is possible, we are going to take part in a Badger Class litter pick in our school environment and in our local area. As I said in the video, Safety is really important here. DO NOT pick up any rubbish with your bare hands. Wear gloves and use a litter picker if you have one. DO NOT pick up glass or anything sharp. Place litter into a rubbish bag and dispose of the rubbish safely in your recycling or household waste bins. NEVER go out without an adult and make sure you are being safe and can be seen e.g. wear bright but warm clothing.

Send me pictures of what you find!


In PE this week, we are continuing to learn out bridges in Gymnastics and will be developing these in a sequence. Look at the slides below to give you some ideas.

Exercise is really important for keeping our bodies and minds healthy. Perhaps you might like to access some of these fun dance videos below each day and maybe you could send me a picture or video of what you have been doing?



Our topic in Science this term is Living Things and Their Habitats. This week, we are going to be grouping living things according to their characteristics.

Read the powerpoint below and see the activity below for your task.

Remember to send me pictures of your work and I can add them to our website 😊


Our PSHE focus this term is media literacy and digital resilience. We shall be learning about how data is shared and used, and understanding how adverts are used on websites. This week’s learning objective is to understand that everything shared online has a digital footprint.

Read through the information in the Powerpoint below and have a go at the activity. Remember, you do not need to print the activity. It can be drawn and completed in your book.


For today’s Music lesson, head to the Video Resource Centre and find the video called Week 2 Music. We shall be using the website Music Express to access our unit called ‘Recycling.’ We shall be learning to improvise and use notation to create our own grooves. For this lesson, you might need some paper or newspapers and recycled materials such as cereal boxes or containers.