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A Buzzing Curriculum

Summer 2020

The honey bees have been busy during the summer holidays bringing in lots of pollen and creating lots of stores of honey. Mrs Hodgson has been attending to the bees ensuring all is well in the hives and collecting some of the honey. Some supers will be left on the hives ready for the class to remove and extract in September. 

September 2020

We’ve had fun jarring the honey which is on sale in the school office! 

The Honey Bee class are involved in all stages of preparing our honey ready for it to be sold. Here you can see us uncapping the frames - this involves removing the layer of wax the bees have added to store their nectar safe! We then add the frames to the spinner. The force pushes the honey out so it can filter through into a honey bucket. The honey is then left so the air settles before it is poured into jars and labelled! 

October 2020

As winter is approaching, it is important to ensure our bees are ‘winter ready’. We have checked they still have some supplies of honey and also added a mouse guard to stop them trying to convert a hive into a warm home for them over the winter! 

Humble Bumble (the Year 5 class business) are branching out to additional products this year. The first new product is being launched as part of our Christmas production line - wax pillar candles. The children explored the properties of bee’s wax sheets and how these could be rolled around the wick to make these candles. Some children calculated the cost to make one and then how much should be charged in order to make a profit. 

January 2021

During this month, the bees are checked on from time to time. We check that they have enough supplies and sugar candy to stop them having to leave the hive to forage in the cold weather. To see a video from one of these checks please click here: https://wyberton-primary-academy.primarysite.media/media/an-update-from-the-bees