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Home learning - Wednesday 28th June. 


Due to the school being closed today, please can you complete the learning below. 




Please complete the documents below. These are a recap of the grammar and punctuation we have learnt throughout Year 3 this year. 


As part of your Maths learning today, can you please answer the questions within the arithmetic booklet attached below. These questions are all based on our previous learning throughout the year. 


Our Geography learning this term has been to learn about the seaside. Our question is 'Do we like to be beside the seaside?'. As part of this learning, please take some time today to answer the following questions. You can answer these in any format you like (Powerpoint, on paper, Microsoft Word). 


You may wish to create one of the following or simply write and answer the questions on a piece of paper:

  • a poster. 
  • a Powerpoint. 
  • a fact file.




Choose a seaside location (perhaps one you have visited or one that you wish to know more about). 


  • Where is your seaside location? 
  • What can tourists do there? 
  • Is it busy/quiet? Why? 
  • Do you like it there? 
  • What physical features does it have? ( e.g. cliffs, large beach, shops, water sports)
  • Has your location changed over time?