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English & Big Write

Big Write and English this week

Monday 18th lesson 1 Big Write

This week’s Big Write links to our Science topic ‘Living things and their habitats.’ For our Big Write this week, we are going to write a first-person narrative (a story from the point of view of a snail!) Head to the video resource centre and watch the video called 18/1 Big Write Week Three which will explain this task further.

Word mats and scaffolds to help you with your stories

Tuesday 19th lesson 2 English

LO: To publish my writing 

In today’s lesson, I would like you to publish your balanced argument that you have been writing last week. You may choose to use your neatest joined handwriting or type your work. Please send it to me when you have finished it. I cannot wait to see your hard work as one piece of writing. I have been adding them to our classroom window for all to see!


Some of you might have already completed this task on Friday, if you had time. If you did, then well done!

For today's lesson, I would like you to complete pages 56 and 57 in your Year 4 Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling Targeted Question Book. There is a video here called 19/1 Grammar task which explains the task and shares the answers.


YOU DON'T NEED TO COMPLETE BOTH ACTIVITIES. You are either publishing your work OR completing the grammar task.



Wednesday 20th lesson 3 English

LO: To identify persuasive language features

In Geography, we have learnt that humans can change the features of a place through their everyday choices. For example, every square mile of ocean has 46,000 items of plastic in it. We new to save our world and help people make sustainable choices.  
Therefore, our next unit of writing is writing to persuade.
We are going to write persuasive leaflets inspired by the book 'Kids Fight Plastic' by Martin Dorey.
We are going to persuade people to become a #2minutesuperhero and change the world.

In today's lesson, we learn about some of the features of a persuasive piece of writing.


I have added the pages from the book that you will need for this task below.

Head to the Video Resource Centre and watch the video called 19/1 English Week Three to hear the input for our new English genre.


Thursday 21st lesson 4 English

LO: To begin to apply persuasive language features to my writing

In today's lesson, we will begin to apply the features that we identified yesterday to our own introductions.

Head to the Video Resource Centre and watch the video called 21/1 English Week Three to hear the input for this lesson.


Friday 22nd lesson 5

LO: To use persuasive language features successfully

In today's lesson, we will continue our introduction and independently apply the persuasive features we have been learning about this week.

Don't forget to watch the video in the Video Resource Centre called 22/1 English Week Three to hear the input for this lesson.