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Term 2- What and why do people celebrate?

This term our enquiry question is “What and why do we celebrate?”. We will be looking at celebrations taking place and the reasons why. We will be learning about the different celebrations and exploring ways to celebrate.

Week 1

Bonfire Night: This week we learnt about Bonfire Night. We learnt about the story of Guy Fawkes and the reason we celebrate on the 5th November. We spent an afternoon with the children from Little Oaks, sharing provision and learning, we got creative and messy and completed some experiments. 

Week 1: Bonfire Night

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Week 2

Remembrance Day: This week the children have learnt all about Remembrance Day. They have learnt the significance behind 11th November and of the poppy. The children have spent time creating wonderful art work to display, and creating a class wreath. 

Week 2: Remembrance Day

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Week 3:  

Diwali: This week, the children have been learning about the Hindu festival Diwali. The children learnt the story of Rama and Sita and retold this through role play. The children created diya lamps out of salt dough. 

Week 3: Diwali

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Week 4: this week, we spent time reading the story ‘Little Glow’. This story observes the inspiring ways an inclusive community celebrates light through the year. The children explored how light is used during different celebrations and what it represents. 

Week 5: business and enterprise week. This week the children planned and created a business and designed a product that could be sold at our Christmas Fair. The first task was creating a business name, after careful discussions and various votes the name ‘Cool Hedgehogs’ was selected. The children then began designing a logo that could be used on posters. The children shared their ideas on what product they would like to make and a marshmallow snowman was selected. The children created a shopping list of products needed. They then conducted market research to find out what the children of Wyberton would buy and how much for. Once all this was completed, the children presented their pitch to the dragons to secure their funds. It was a success! 

Week 6 and 7: Christmas. The children visited the local church and learnt about the Christmas story. They performed their Nativity to large audiences. The children created a hoop to hang in the school hall, a calendar to take home and a Christmas card for their families.