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Fire Fire!

Today our new topic of fire safety (in preparation for bonfire night) started with a WOW! with a visit from the Boston branch of the Lincolnshire Fire and safety Team. The children were fascinated with all that the fire fighters had to tell them and loved climbing into the fire engine to have a look around and especially loved getting to fire the hose!

"I never knew that you could use water from a swimming pool to put out a fire!" Orlaith


The children learned some very important messages about fire safety - that you must wear a glove if you are holding a sparkler and you must never stand to close to a bonfire just incase the sparks get onto your clothes.


"Fire can really hurt your face and body so you have to be very careful near it." Evie.

The Hedgehog class would like to say a huge thank you to the amazing fire fighters who took the time to come and work with the children today.