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Spring Term 2

This term our enquiry question is: What would happen if we got rid of our woodlands?

Minibeast Hunting

This week we have been trying to discover what minibeasts we might find in our woodlands. We went minibeast hunting around the grounds and managed to find things like woodlice, ladybirds, spiders, snails and worms. When we returned to the classroom, we used the Woodland Trust's website to help us to find out some information about these animals. Did you know that centipedes are venomous? We were very surprised!


This week we have been learning about shadows. It has not been very sunny so we used a dark area of the school and a torch to help us to create some shadows and explore how they change as the light source is moved.

Amazing Independent Writing

Look at these fantastic examples of the Hedgehog class' independent writing! After being told what this week's question is, and chatting about possible answers, they then used their phonic skills and the enquiry wall to help them to answer on their own. 

Fox Chinese Ink Wash Painting

The Hedgehogs have created some amazing paintings this week of foxes. They began by sketching a fox and then used black ink (or watered down black paint as this washes out of clothes!) to paint their pictures.

Minibeast Hunting Take 2!

Our second attempt at hunting for minibeasts was much more successful. We found lots of creatures in the grounds and the children were able to identify most of them - and remembered some interesting facts that we had learned, such as woodlice liking eating poo! The children concluded that the reason we saw more minibeasts was because the sun was out and the temperature was warmer.

Hunting for woodland plants in our grounds

The children spent an enjoyable afternoon working with a friend to take photographs of plants that they thought they might find in Jenny's woods as well as in our grounds. This was following on from a lovely Zoom call from Claire who works for the Boston Woods Trusts who gave us a virtual tour of the woods. 

When we returned to the classroom, we used the Woodland Trust's website to help us to identify the plants we had found and find out some interesting facts about them.

Woodland Trail

I am so excited to return to work tomorrow and find out how many of the Hedgehogs went to Jenny's woods this weekend and answered the questions from the woodland trail that I set up on Friday! Hopefully the wind hasn't blown them away.

Photos of families enjoying the woodland trail!

Beautiful Mother's Day Cards


The children have worked really hard over the past 2 weeks to create their beautiful Mother's Day cards. They used their new Chinese ink wash skills as well as some of their Kandinsky knowledge from last term to create these wonderful cherry blossom images.

Nest Box Cam!

Our nest box cam has been on all week and we have some exciting news - a pair of blue tits are making it their home! The children are loving observing the little birds as they come and go with moss, feathers and straw. We'll keep you updated with their progress!