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Autumn Term 1

What happened when the Romans came to Britain?


This term, our enquiry focus centres around the arrival of the Romans to Britain with the subject of History as our key driver. We shall investigate why the Romans invaded our country, what they found when they arrived and we shall also uncover the legacies that they left behind.


Please keep checking back here for more updates on our learning journey. I am excited to see where our learning takes us...

In today’s lesson, we discussed some of the reasons why the Romans may have chosen to invade Britain. A lot of knowledge was retrieved from our learning about the Anglo-Saxons and we found some similar reasons for invasion between the Saxons and Romans.

We then created a conscience corridor with one half of us being advisers against invading Britain and one half of us being advisers in favour of invasion. We had to convince Emperor Claudius that our argument was correct!

At the end of the lesson, we discovered that Emperor Claudius did choose to invade. The reasons for this shall be shared in our reflection task after the lesson.



"Exploring historical artefacts is the best! I have learnt so much about the Romans from these objects. I know that they must have used coins to buy things and the helmet tells me that they must have fought in wars." One Honeybee shared some great inferences this afternoon as we explored an interesting box of special artefacts loaned from The Collection in Lincoln.

The Honeybees even thought of questions to ask the artefacts if they could speak, "I would ask this pot if it was used to prepare food or drinks because it has a pouring part at the front."

In our first Computing lesson of the term, we analysed different games and shared what we liked and disliked about them. We then worked with our partner to design our own games!

In our second lesson this afternoon, we used the Computing program 'Scratch' to create our sprite and background. Mrs Young was very impressed with how creative we were!