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Term 4

Comic Relief Kindness Walk

Today the Kingfishers went for a walk into our local community and were set the task of making strangers happy. We spread joy and happiness by saying hello, waving, telling jokes and giving out bunches of daffodils to strangers. The children saw the true power of random acts of kindness.

Comic Relief

We had so much fun in class today wearing bright clothes, telling jokes and having crazy hair to spread the joy and happiness around our school. 

Wildflower garden

The Kingfishers have planted bee bombs and wild flower seed to grow a wildflower garden that our very own Wyberton Honey Bees will love!

Snowflake our Svalbard Polar Bear

Snowflake was sent to use from the WWF after our kind, caring families donated for the Kingfisher Winter Hats. The children were so excited in class when the parcel arrived and we learnt so much reading the information booklet about Svalbard ice island. 

Planting begins

Willougby Road Allotments kindly donated some plug plants, onion and garlic sets and seed potatoes. The children loved setting up our vegetable plots and exploring the range of seeds and bulbs we were using. We are all very excited to see them grow!

Mothers Day Cards

The children used their knowledge of winter landscapes to create cards for their mums. We looked at spring landscapes and the different features these included. The children applied their sketching skills and water colour painting to create a beautiful spring landscapes with blooming flowers. 

Explorers at Home

Our DT project of our winter hats are a great example of an authentic outcome. It has been fantastic to see children wearing these at break times to keep them warm and outside of school at home. This Kingfisher told his mum he made a great explorer!

Testing out our hats

Walking around the grounds of school today wearing our Kingfisher hats made me so proud. The remote learners worked so hard on their hats at home. Due to the Kingfisher parent's thoughtful donation, we are now the proud owners of an adoptive polar bear. Through supporting the WWF, the Kingfishers are protecting an endangered animal and working towards the fight of climate change.

Lets get active!

Would be the first day back if we didn't dance along to SuperMovers?

Preparing our Vegetable Plots

The Kingfishers had a very exciting start to our return to school as we started our growing project. We cleared the vegetable plots to prepare them for our upcoming vegetables. We also planted sunflower seeds to join the Reception Hedgehogs competition. A Kingfisher also bought in some acorn seedlings that we planted. Hopefully the start of Spring brings us some hope.