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Week commencing 1st March

Hello Honey Bees,

It was lovely to chat or see some of you last week and hear about your half term and also celebrate your work with you. I love hearing from you, so please keep in touch through emails, making a Bookings appointment or a telephone call.

Here is a suggested timetable for the week to help you structure your time. This is what the Key Worker children in the Year 5 bubble will be doing, so what is happening in school is the same as what is being delivered to you at home. Clicking on the hyperlink in the timetable will take you to the video you need to watch for that lesson.


Morning lessons


Afternoon lessons




Maths lesson 1

English lesson 1

Reading for pleasure

Teacher Conferencing

During this time, I am available to respond to emails, so please send me images of what you have been doing in your morning session.

Spelling activity 1


Teacher Conferencing

During this time, I am available for Online Bookings, responding to your emails and making phone calls.



Maths lesson 2

English lesson 2

Reading comprehension 1

Spelling activity 2

Topic learning



English lesson 3

Virtual Storytime on Teams with Mrs Hodgson

Spelling games


Thursday: World Book Day

Maths lesson 3

World Book Day Activity 1

Spelling games

World Book Day Activity 2

1:30pm World Book Day Activity 3 virtual Teams with Mrs Hodgson


Maths lesson 4

English lesson 4

World Book Day Activity 4

Spelling test

Creative learning


If there is anything that I can help with, or you’re struggling with, please do get in touch as I will be able to organise a virtual meeting or telephone call to help you. Please keep in touch and remember to celebrate your successes with me also. I wonder who will be my star of the week this week in celebration assembly on Friday? Make sure you watch in the Video Resource Centre.

World Book Day

We have some very special activities for World Book day – please read the letter from Miss Anstey below!


Below you will find your Maths lessons and which arithmetic you should complete this week. Please watch the videos in the Resource Centre for your input. This week we are learning how to calculate area. You will find the answers below for you to check your progress when you have finished your lesson.

Lesson 2 – Warm-up: CGP Maths 10 Minute Workout book: page 34 and 35

                  Main lesson: (video input) CGP Targeted Question Book pages 50 and 51

Arithmetic – CGP Mental Workout book p13

Once you have finished your arithmetic please mark it using the answers in the back of the book. If there is a question you would like me to help you with, please get in touch.



Below you will find your four English lessons for the week, each document includes a lesson warm up which you will need your CGP books for, the learning objective and instructions.

Now we have explored the features of play writing, this week, we are going to start writing our own adaptation of Shakespeare’s play: Julius Caesar. 


Reading comprehension 1 – Please watch the video in the Resource Centre and then complete CGP Comprehension book: page 14 and 15


World Book Day Activities

Thursday 4th March marks World Book Day and regardless of where we are or who we are with, everyone will get the chance to celebrate! Our lessons will be changing on this day to ensure we have lots of opportunities to celebrate reading.

World Book Day Activity 2 – Please watch the virtual reading by a local author, Charlotte Reynolds of her book ‘Socks and Mittens go Exploring’. You can access this by clicking in the link in the timetable above.


World Book Day Activity 3 – we are holding an extra special TEAMs meeting. If you have finished Activity 1, please have these to show and share and also your favourite book nearby! I hope I will see you all there as this will be a great way for the class to be together. Your parents will receive an e-mail link on Monday to join this event, but please get in touch if you need it re-sending. 


World Book Day Activity 4 – The Hay Festival have released several videos from authors. There are some great ones to watch! Follow the link and select and KS2 author of your choice: https://www.hayfestival.com/c-209-archive-hay-player.aspx?skinid=16&ManufacturerFilterID=0&VectorFilterID=0&GenreFilterID=58&SectionFilterID=0

My recommendations:

Christopher Edge – if you like science and space

Eloise Williams – if you like witches and mischief

Chae Strathie – if you want to continue the Ancient Rome theme

Emma Carroll – if you like historical survival stores (a tsunami)

Ade Adepitan (KS2 one) – if you like this TV presenter and want to know more about his life and experiences!


There are lots more, so please take a look as you may find something that really inspirers and excites you – I have added so many books to my reading list now!! Please let me know who you listened to and your thoughts.



This week we are exploring words spelt with ‘ough’ and how this can have different sounds.  

Activity 1 – in PDF document below

Activity 2 - in PDF document below

Spelling games - Please log onto your Spelling Shed account to practice this week’s spellings. 

Spelling test - please ask a family member to test you on this week’s spellings – they can find them within the PowerPoint - let me know your score!


This week in PSHE, we are exploring assessing risks. Use the PowerPoint to explore the ideas linked to different levels of risk and then open the document for this week’s activity.


Continuing with our enquiry question: How far did the Romans change the lives of people living in Britain after the conquest? Please read the PowerPoint below as we explore the roles of a Roman soldier in more detail – you will then be writing a postcard as a Roman soldier living in Britain to your family in Italy.


In this Science lesson, you will be exploring your teeth! Read the information in the PowerPoint and then complete the activity below.  


This week, we have some new activities to share. I would love to add some photos to the gallery below of you in action or any other physical activities you are doing.

Creative learning

This week, we will be continuing our learning of the Roman army through our creative lesson. Read the PowerPoint to learn about the features of Roman shields before you plan and design your own!


Please take a look at our learning for this week!