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Term 2 - How is our country changing?

Welcome back to Autumn Term 2 - We hope you have had the best half term! This term, we have lots of exciting learning taking place including our business and enterprise in preparation for our Christmas Fair, a trip to church and our cards and calendars. 

Our Enquiry this term is Geography driven and our question is ‘How is our country changing?’ We will be learning about how different locations have changed over time including Coventry and London, before examining our local area. 

Please see below our Enquiry mat and newsletter for this term. Our Enquiry mat offers opportunities for children to widen their understanding of our Geography learning this term and add further curiosity to their learning. Our newsletter will provide you with an overview of our learning this term in the Honeybee Class and contains key dates including for our class assembly. 

Christmas Cards and Calendars 


We each designed and created our own Christmas Cards and Calendars, retrieving our printing skills from last term to print patterns and Winter scenery using polystyrene blocks. 

Business and enterprise 


We have been working through our Business Wheel to plan and create a product for our Christmas Fair. We voted democratically and decided to make Christmas tree brownies and our business name was Busy Bee Brownies. We worked in groups to calculate the costs and projected profits, advertise, market and research for our product. 

We sold these at our annual Christmas Fair. 

Athlete visit 

We were extremely lucky to get to take part in a circuit with a professional basketball player this afternoon before learning more about his career. 

Children in Need - Pudsey. 

We had a surprise visit from Pudsey today. We got lots of cuddles, high fives and a group picture! 

Church visit - Remembrance experience 


We visited our local church to find out more about Remembrance Day and who it is that we remember. We learnt lots of facts and shared our own stories of our ancestors and relatives and how they have protected our country. We were stunned to learn that there have only been 10 days without war in the last 110 years. 

Enquiry - How has our country changed? 

This term, our Enquiry driver is Geography and our question is ‘How has our country changed?’ We are learning about different places in different regions of the United Kingdom and how they have changed and why. We will be using our fieldwork skills to better understand how our local area has changed and what the impacts of these changes have been. 

The Olympic Games 2012 


Today, we went back in time as we learnt more about the impact that the construction of the Olympic Park had on people across the world and locally to the area. We learnt that there are reasons to suggest that the construction is a sustainable development. However, we also learnt that there were disadvantages as well. We applied our learning as we held our own class debate, providing reasoned arguments for and against its construction. 

We went on a field trip around our local area to identify the human and physical changes that are taking place. We hypothesised as to why we believe these changes have been made. 



This term we are learning about musical instruments in French and how we can provide our opinions about them. 

Today, we scribed in French from an audio of people sharing their opinions about different musical instruments. 



This term we have been learning about the changes that can happen to materials and that some of these changes are reversible and others are irreversible. 

We know that reversible changes are where the original materials can be brought back their original state and irreversible changes do not all this and the materials cannot be returned to their original state. 

We have been working scientifically, partaking in scientific experiments to explore irreversible changes of different materials including what happens when you mix milk and vinegar and what happens when bicarbonate of soda is combined with soap. 



This term we are learning the skills required to play hockey and handball. 

We retrieved our learning of passing and moving in handball from Year 3. We applied this learning to learn how we can use a shoulder pass and chest pass. We applied this to a possession game.