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Week 5 and 6


Over the next two weeks, we are going to be finishing our Fast Track Phonics (where we have been having a quick recap of who all of the characters in Letterland are) and starting our formal phonics teaching. As we progress onto Section 2 (the formal phonics teaching), the children will dive into each sound with greater depth and start to explore listening more closely to the sounds in words, writing sounds and starting to read words.

In Week 5, our target sounds will be s and a.

In Week 6, our target sounds will be t and p.

Make sure your child spends lots of time on Phonics Online exploring these sounds, and begin now to use the 'Explore' tab for each sound. Encourage your child to click on the pictures as they identify things that have the target sound at the beginning of their words.



The sessions for maths have been recorded already so that you can access them at home. Follow this link and support your child in watching one session per day for the topic titled Just Like Me! Sessions 6-15.




Above you will find our two enquiry mats covering these two weeks. Try to engage your child in some of the chatter and activities surrounding these mini topics and pop it onto Tapestry for us to see.

During the scarecrow project, we will be transforming old socks into our own scarecrows and exploring what job they could do after the harvest. Maybe your child could have a go at creating their own sock scarecrow at home by stuffing a sock (we are using straw) and glueing on some features.



Over the next two weeks, we are going to be exploring feelings of sadness and how we can help ourselves or our friends overcome them. We will be encouraging the children to finish each day by reflecting on something they are thankful for.