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Term 1 Was it right that the Anglo-Saxons chose to invade Britain?

Creating a storm in English!

I am so incredibly proud of the children's progress in Writing so far. The Badgers are really trying hard to improve their vocabulary and use of different sentence structures. We have been using The Literacy Shed's 'Eye of the Storm' visual literacy clip as our inspiration.

Here's a sneak peak at our working wall which shows the journey of our learning so far:





To investigate patterns between the pitch of a sound and features of the object that produced it

In today’s lesson, we investigated how to change the pitch of a sound. We made pan pipes using straws and tape. By changing the length of the pan pipes, we discovered that the pitch changed!

We then used our findings to explain what we had discovered. Here are some of our thoughts from our investigation:


"The longest straw produces a different sound which had a lower pitch because it takes the sound a longer time to travel through the straw."


"I discovered that the shorter straw produces a higher pitched sound because the vibrations travel through the air faster than the longer straw."



Developing skills in PE


We have also been developing our shooting skills in basketball and learning to apply our dribbling skills whilst playing team games.

In Badger Class this week, we have thoroughly enjoyed investigating how sound travels. We began the lesson by sharing our ideas and questions about sound. These included:

"Why are some sounds louder than others?"   "Can you die from listening to a sound that is too loud?"  "How does your ear hear the sound?"


We made our own string telephones to investigate how sound travels to your ear. The Badgers were fascinated by the discovery of the loudness of the sound when the string was pulled tightly. Back in the classroom, the children applied their scientific understanding and I was very impressed with their new learning about particles and sound vibrations!


It has been an exciting week of learning and discovery in Badger Class!


We have been exploring pencil techniques in Art and annotating art work to share what we like and dislike about it...


The children made some fantastic observations and began to explore their own ideas...


In Big Write, I was blown away by brilliant descriptions of a tiny dragon...


and more time was spent watching over the dragon's eggs to see if they might hatch! No signs of any dragons just yet! Phew!

The Badgers have had a brilliant start to the term and have settled well into life in Year 4 already! I could not be prouder of them! 


We have had a fantastic two days together which have included creating some excellent art work for our display (watch this space - more will be revealed soon!), getting to grips with our new Spelling Shed resource:




being kind friends to one another, playing nicely on the playground with our new equipment, recapping our times tables and the most exciting thing to happen was discovering some eggs in the classroom when we came back from lunch on Thursday! We could not believe it! After some discussion, we think that they might have been laid by a dragon...