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Is a crime ever validated and a crime ever unjust? Term 3

Enquiry Mat

Hot Seating

As we are analysing the Highway Man by Alfred Noyes, ready to write an alternative ending, we needed to make sure that we stay true to the characters. We did this by pretending to be each character and then taking it in turns to interview them.

Performing a poem

As we continue exploring The Highway Man by Alfred Noyes, the children learned two verses from the poem and developed their performance skills. We also discussed the impact of vocabulary on the reader.

Drafting an alternative ending

After careful planning, the children have now writen an alternative ending. They have used the features of a narrative poem and have really thought about the rhyming pattern from the original poem.

Editing and improving

Now that the children have written their first draft of their alternative ending, they spent today editing and improving their work. They truly are a joy to read!


This term, we are learning about the impact of Jesus' crucifixion. This lesson we looked at the Big Frieze and tried to spot familar stories within the drawings.


The children built on their learning from last term about discrimination by understanding how this can happen in the online world.Mindmaps are a wonderful way for groups to share their ideas and make links.

Forest School

Year 5 have continued with their learning in Forest School, This term there has been a noticable change in the weather which required thicker clothing! The children are enjoying developing their den making skills and showing a interest in knots.