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Term 2- How do you recover from a disaster?

Welcome to term 2! We are very excited to share all of our fun learning opportunities throughout the term. We have a lot of things planned such as setting up our class business and the count down to Christmas! 


This term our enquiry question is: How do you recover from a disaster? We will be looking into London's recovery after the Great Fire.


Below is our Autumn term 2 newsletter which includes the topics we will be covering this term and our enquiry mat which outlines key vocabulary for the children and additional ideas for you to research at home.


If you have any questions or queries please let me know!

Christmas Crafts

This term the children have created lots of Christmas crafts. They have used tints and shades to create 3D trees for our Christmas hoop and our cards. They worked on using varying shades of green and blended the colours so that you could see the progression from light to dark.

Business and Enterprise


This term the children have loved creating their very own business 'Kingfishers Coco' where they created hot chocolate cones. Children started their initial business venture with a problem from Miss Paul where they needed to create something to sell at the schools Christmas fair. We came up with lots of ideas and voted on the one that we could actually make and that we thought would make the most profit. Children chose a role within the business and were able to deliver a successful Dragons Den pitch, following their extensive market research. Once we had secured our investment children began making the hot chocolate cones, we had children working on the packaging, quality assurance and putting the hot chocolate into the cones and using scales to measure. We the got to sell our products at the Christmas fair and children were able to handle money and have made a lovely profit to go towards our future business venture.



During Geography this term children have been exploring the similarities and differences between Wyberton and London and have been able to identify and apply their knowledge of physical and human geographical features to support their comparisons. Children discovered that because London was much bigger than Wyberton it had lots more human geography such as famous landmarks, houses and roads, as well as physical features such as rivers, parks, and forests.


In PE this term, children have been learning all about dodging in team games, children were able to learn about what it means to dodge in a game and why it is really important. Children were then able to implement this knowledge to team games such as 'stuck in the mud'.

In gymnastics children have been looking at pathway sequences and how they can establish movements to signify the various parts of their pathway e.g how we can know their pathway has ended. Children have confidently learnt various gymnastics positions such as, pike, dish and straddle and have been able to include these in their pathways.





In maths this term, children have been exploring various 2D and 3D shapes and identifying their features. Children have learnt about vertices, edges, and faces and have been able to spot them on shapes practically. In addition to this children have learnt about lines of symmetry and how a vertical line of symmetry goes up and down, in order for it to be symmetrical it needs to be equal on both sides, children were able to liken this to butterfly wings and when we look in a mirror.


In history this term we have been learning all about the Great Fire of London. We have looked at the day by day key events whilst the fire was burning.


We have been investigating why the fire spread so quickly and comparing it to what we have in modern day Britain such as brick houses, which were made compulsory as a result of the fire.


Finally, we have looked at various pieces of evidence which has helped us to learn so much about how far and how quickly the fire spread. Children were able to tell us all about why diaries were the most important resource as they offered eye witness accounts.


Trip to St Leodegard's Church


On Friday the Kingfishers went on their class trip to St Leodegar's church to learn all about harvest. Children learnt about key values that we show during the harvest time such as: humility, peace, generosity and patience. The children learnt about different foods that are harvested, the patience that farmers must have in order to grow their crops and the humility that farmers show towards their animals. The children really enjoyed their visit.