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WC 4.1.21

Hello Kingfishers. I had such a brilliant day on Monday welcoming you all back in to our class. I am so sad that our learning can't continue as normal, but I hope we will be able to continue our exciting learning adventure online while you are Stay at Home Superheroes.

There is a video on the resource centre introducing you to our home learning.

This is a suggested timetable for Wednesday - Friday. Please use it as a guide for what works for you and your family, however please aim to complete the Maths and English daily.

Please do send me photos of your work via the Contact Miss Anstey section, so I am able to give you feedback.

  Morning lessons       Afternoon lessons  
Wednesday Maths 1 SPAG task 1 English Task 1 Phonics 1 PE Reading for pleasure
Thursday Maths 2 Reading comprehension 1 English Task 2 Phonics 2 Science Reading for pleasure
Friday Maths 3 SPAG task 2 Big Write Spelling test PSHE Reading comprehension 2

Celebrations of the Week 

Well done to everyone for the effort you have put in either in the key worker group at school or at home as a remote learner. Our page speaks for its self in how you have excelled this week.

Please watch the Celebration Assembly in the video resource centre (see link above).


Well done to Olivia in our key worker group and Zack as a remote learner! You have shone bright this week. Well done to Olivia on being reading champion, Freddy for being mathematician and Evie for being speller. Well done to Mia R, William C and Harley for achieving their Bronze awards. 


Keep up the hard work next week. Keep filling my emails with amazing pictures of your work.

Remember awards still apply to everyone and team points are still up for grabs.

Stars in school and at home


There are 2 Maths warm up activities to do that can be copied straight into your exercise book. 

These are all recapping on learning we have already done. 

Children can use drawings of tens and ones or groups to help them work them out. 


Maths 1- Read through page 40 of the Maths Targeted study book- 'Fractions of Amounts'.

Then answer the questions on page 41. For further practise then complete the questions on activity sheet on here.


Maths 2- Read through page 42 of the Maths Targeted study book- 'Equivalent Fractions'. Then answer the questions on page 43.


Maths 3- Complete Spring 1 Arithmetic test that was sent home in your packs. If adults can talk through the answers after with them that would be great. Let me know if there is anything you struggle with. 

Great effort in our first week

Key worker Kingfishers working hard on their maths warm up too


We started this week looking at what a non-chronological report was and its purpose. The children discovered they are full of facts and people use them to find out information on a topic.  


Over the next two weeks we will plan and write our own non-chronological report about Shackleton's Journey. This will give us a better understanding of our enquiry question- How do you become a determined explorer?


The two tasks this week will develop the introduction of our non-chronological report. 


English Task 1

This will be the plan of our introduction for our report. This is where we will write about Shackleton and the main facts from his expedition. Use week 1 of the text from Shackleton’s Journey- Introduction to read all about him. We are also using this in reading so the children should be familiar.

After reading the text, make a list of the key facts you can find that we could use in our introductions.

Write these in your exercise book. They don’t need to be in full sentences, just notes to help you remember.

For example, expedition to Antarctica.


English Task 2

This is where we will write the introduction to our report about Shackleton. Read through your notes from yesterday. Now write them into full sentences to tell people facts about who Shackleton was and what his expedition was about. 


For example, Shackleton was an adventurous, daring man who wanted to explore the mysterious south. He travelled on an epic expedition to Antarctica because he wanted to be the first person to cover the whole continent. 


I would like to see a paragraph of about 6 sentences telling me all about Shackleton. Please send me pictures of your work- I can't wait to read them. 


****7.1.21 I have had a message saying writing at home is tricky. Check out the new video I have uploaded to the Video Resource Centre (see link below) which talks about writing and gives you some more help and guidance for today's English lesson- English 2. Hopefully this helps. If you need anything, just message me and let me know. ******


Big Write

Big write is based on a story- 'Way home for Wolf'. Watch the video in the Video Resource Centre (see link below), where I share the start of the story, where Wolf gets lost. The task this week is to write the story based on the book but continue it after he gets lost. What happens to him next? Does he make it back to his family? 

Use the planning sheet template to help you plan the different parts of your story. This could be drawn into your exercise book and then write your story in their too. Think carefully about your handwriting and all the amazing language features you know to include. 

Fantastic English

Key worker Kingfishers working hard on their reports


SPAG task 1- Read and complete page 10 of the grammar, punctuation and spelling book. 

SPAG task 2- Read the sentences and decide which conjunction fits to join the two clauses. 

CGP books being used well

Reading for Pleasure

Please read every day for at least 15 minutes. This may be your school book or it may be another book you have at home. Find time to sit and enjoy a story together; you could take it in turns to read to each other and talk about what your favourite parts were. This should be enjoyable for all!


Reading Comprehension

In your pack was a copy of the chapter from 'Shackleton's Journey' which we are looking at this term. Normally, I would read them to the class on a Monday and then I would read them again on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday so the children can read and repeat each sentence back to me. Then on a Friday the children usually read it aloud to me. 

This week there will be 1 set of questions that link to this text and from next week there will be 2 sets of questions. Please read the text daily as repetition will help the children understand the text. 


Predictions about Shackleton

Key workers predicting as well

Reading Comprehension 2

A love of reading


On the power point there are some word cards that all include the 'ai' sound. 

Please read through these and get the children to show you how they use their phoneme fingers to help them.

On the power point there are different tasks for each day, finishing with a spelling test.

Lots of reading at home


We are doing gymnastics this term. Use your living room, garden or get creative and show me how you can balance and roll around your house. 

Great rolls, jumps and balances

Still image for this video

A great sequence of movements

Still image for this video

Great effort with superb rolls

Still image for this video

Amazing rolls

Still image for this video

Outside gymnastics

Keyworker Kingfishers rolling, moving and balancing


This term we are learning all about materials. In year 1, the children will have named materials for example, glass, wood, paper, plastic etc. Now we are going to learn about the different purposes these materials have. Have a look at the video on the resource centre where I show you some of the materials you may find.

Materials exploration at home

Guessing the zoomed in picture

Still image for this video
The key worker children at school thought it might be a mop, a carpet, string, fur on a dog or blue hair. 

Going on a material hunt

Matching scientfic vocabulary to their definitions

Taking our Science outside- "look it is transparent"


This week is tricky for everyone; children, parents and teachers to adjust to our new school life. If you need any support at all, I am still in school every day and I am here for you all! Please get in touch if you need help with the learning, or just want a chat. 

The task is there for you as a family to just see how everyone is feeling in the first week. Please keep me updated with how you are all doing (parents as well). 


How are we feeling after this week?

Extra activities my kingfishers have been up to this week