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Autumn Term 1

How Do We Know It's Autumn?

This term we are going to be using our naturally curious natures to explore how to answer this question. Each week a different aspect of Autumn is going to be investigated - such as what hedgehogs get up to in Autumn time, how do the leaves change, what we can do with a glut of apples at this time of year, what is harvest, what scarecrows might get up to after the harvest and what we can do with a pumpkin. 


Alongside this in Mathematics we will be learning, in depth, about the numbers 0-20, simple addition and subtraction, the names and features of some 2D and 3D shapes and some simple capacity skills.


In Phonics we will be trying to recognise our first set of sounds, hear them in the initial position in words and try to use them to read 2 letter and 3 letter words as well. Our Phonics scheme is one that has been designed to be bespoke to the school but it loosely follows the Government's Letter And Sounds scheme.


We will be spending a lot of time this term thinking about our schools rules and why it is important that we have them. We will learn the school's routines and procedures and take time to begin to learn about our own emotions. 

Our most important rule - called our golden rule, is to treat others how you would like to be treated yourself.


Physical development happens all day everyday for Early Years children. Alongside this we will also be taking part in PE sessions that require the children to get changed into their PE kit.


Our PE days will be Thursday and Friday every week.


Jewellery must not be worn on these days - this ensures that all of the children are kept safe.

Hedgehog Fun

This week - our first week of big school, we have been learning a little bit about hedgehogs as this is the name of our class. We used triangles to make our own hedgehog pictures and were introduced to the cheeky little hedgehog that lives in Mrs Taylor's garden. Remember everybody can suggest a name for our little class mascot by logging into their Tapestry account and adding a comment to the Wyberton Hedgehog 'Hello' observation. We'll find out next Friday (18th September) what he is going to be called.