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Term 3- What did the Ancient Greeks do for us?

Happy New Year! We are very excited to share the children's learning with you throughout this term. Below you will find this term's newsletter with an overview of all of the learning the children will be doing. Children will need to wear their PE kits to school on a Wednesday and Thursday and our Forest School day is Friday.


Below you will find, the enquiry mat for this term's enquiry about what the Ancient Greeks did for us. On here you will find lots of useful information that you can also use as discussion points with your children. This term's enquiry will look at the legacies that were left by the Ancient Greeks, that we still use today. We will look back through history and analyse  why things happened and the impact of events, through the use of sources.

Paralympic games workshop

We were very lucky to have a visit from Mr Haslam who gave a presentation about different   paralympic games and the children had the opportunities to play. As a group, we thought about the challenges that paralympic athletes face and how hard they have to work to compete in their sports. The children linked the protected characteristics and how sports are adapted to enable inclusion in the sports.  

PE-Health Related Exercises

The children started the term off by challenging themselves in different fitness activities.

They will redo these activities at the end of the term to see if their fitness has improved.


English-Greek Myths

The children explored lots of different Greek myths and analysed their features.


Domestic Abuse Workshop


Today we had a workshop that gave the children more information about Domestic Abuse, the facts and what this is actual classed as. The children gave really thoughtful answers to questions and when they took part in activities.


The children have worked hard to plan and create a pot based on Ancient Greek pottery. They retrieved their learning about modelling techniques from Year 4 and applied to create unique pots of their own.

Enquiry throughout this term

This was an exciting historical enquiry into the Ancient Greeks! The children found out so much from investigating what the Greeks left for us and how they lived their lives. Below you will find a range of work from across the term, beginning and ending with mind map to show how much the children retrieved from the whole term of learning.

Residential...coming soon!

The children are busy preparing a presentation for the their parents, staff in addition to the parents and children of Year 5 about their adventures. Once this has happened all photographs will be uploaded here. The presentation will take place in Term 4.