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Term 2 How have survival skills changed through time? (Focusing on the Bronze Age and Iron Age)

Boston School Sports Partnership challenges

Year three, along with all of the other classes took part in the 1 mile cross country challenge.

Do you find bronze or do you make it?

The children learnt how bronze was made in the Bronze Age and wrote a set of instructions to show their understanding.

Road Safety Day 2020


The children completed activities to develop their understanding of road safety in the local area of Wyberton. We explored what would happen if you crossed behind a parked car, how to walk in a car park, such as on our school grounds. We also explored stopping distances on vehicles at different speeds.  We also investigated the safest way to cross a road after getting off a bus.

Business and Enterprise

This was the start of our Christmas business adventure. Designing a business name and logo. We are now called Santa's little Foxes.

Business and Enterprise 

The next job was to design our products for the Christmas catalogue. Then take some photographs of our products and ensure they looked attractive to make people want to buy them. After we got the orders in, we worked as a team to make, wrap, label, and organise each order. The children took ownership of the tasks and had a full business experience.


The children worked hard to find 10 more and ten less than a three-digit number, focusing on crossing the hundreds barrier.

Boston School Sports Partnership Challenge


Fox Class took part in the football challenge, along with other classes. It was lovely to see the children's competitive side shining through!

Exploring how an artist created an effect.

We have been looking at art work by Henry Matisse and Tracey English, that have used positive and negative print masks to create an effect.

Science-Magnets and Forces


The children used the large space of the hall to explore friction.

They used different surfaces to run cars down and then measured to see how far they went. This prompted lots of discussions about car tyres, ice and snow.

Boston School Sports Partnership Challenge

The children took part in the National Santa Run. The whole school took part in this activity and wore their Christmas jumpers too!


The children continued to explore magnets by finding objects in the classroom that were magnetic and non-magnetic. One Child asked, "How strong is this magnet?" They used ruler to measure how far away a magnet needed to be to attract paperclips towards it.


The children continue to develop their own questions to investigate in Science, such as:

  • Do magnets still work in water?
  • Can magnets make things move?
  • What happens if you put the opposite poles together?
  • How many paperclips can one magnet hold?

They then created investigations to test out their ideas.



This term's art has been focussed on creating monoprint using a negative and positive print. The children have developed their mask of a fossil print by refining their drawing to create a template. They then explored creating negative and positive prints in their sketchbooks, evaluating and reflecting on what needed to be improved. They were able to synthesise their learning to create a monoprint for this year's Christmas card.