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This week's spelling rule is the suffix -ssion


Did you know that the suffix ‘-ion’ becomes ’-ssion’ when the root word ends in ’ss’ or ‘mit’?


The suffix ‘ion’ is written as ‘ssion’ and pronounced with the ‘shun’ sound when root words end in ‘ss’ or ‘mit’.

The rules are:

• When the root word ends in ‘ss’ then add ‘ion’ straight on the end.

• When the root word ends in ‘mit’, drop the ‘t’ and add ‘ssion’.


On Monday complete activity 1 below and on Tuesday complete activity 2.


On Wednesday and Thursday (and throughout the week) you can access your assignment on Spelling Shed. I wonder who will be top of the leader board this week? As a little incentive, those of you in the top 10 for this week's assignment by 2pm on Friday, will be rewarded 20 honeypots!


Your Spelling test will be made available on Friday on Spelling Shed.


Happy Spelling and good luck!