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Week commencing 1st February

Hello Honey Bees,

It has been lovely to hear from you last week – I’m enjoying seeing you at story time or in a Bookings. Thank you for all your hard work and for continuing to be stay at home superheroes. I hope you will be able to join me for story time this week and make an online booking with me! This is a great way for you to show me all your amazing work and for me to give you some feedback about your work.

Here is a suggested timetable for the week to help you structure your time. This is what the Key Worker children in the Year 5 bubble will be doing, so what is happening in school is the same as what is being delivered to you at home. Clicking on the hyperlink in the timetable will take you to the video you need to watch for that lesson.


Morning lessons


Afternoon lessons




Maths lesson 1

English lesson 1

Reading for pleasure

Teacher Conferencing

During this time, I am available to respond to emails, so please send me images of what you have been doing in your morning session.

Spelling activity 1


Teacher Conferencing

During this time, I am available for Online Bookings, responding to your emails and making phone calls.



Maths lesson 2

English lesson 2

Reading Comprehension

Spelling activity 2

Topic learning



Big Write

Virtual Storytime on Teams with Mrs Hodgson

Spelling games



Maths lesson 3

English lesson 3

Reading for pleasure

Spelling games



Maths lesson 4

English lesson 4

Reading Comprehension

Spelling test

Creative learning

If there is anything that I can help with, or you’re struggling with, please do get in touch as I will be able to organise a virtual meeting or telephone call to help you. Please keep in touch and remember to celebrate your successes with me also. I wonder who will be my star of the week this week in celebration assembly on Friday? Make sure you watch in the Video Resource Centre.


Children’s Mental Health Week

This week is Children’s Mental Health Week, so some of our activities this week will be dedicated to this. This year’s theme is: Express Yourself, so throughout the week, try to give yourself time to complete the suggestions below and also give yourself opportunities to share your thoughts and feelings through something creative!

Monday - on Monday 1st February at 9am please watch a special assembly if you are able to. The assembly will feature well-known faces discussing the theme of Children’s Mental Health Week, as well as ways that children and young people can get involved at home. It will be hosted by Blue Peter’s Lindsey Russell and CBBC Presenter and Place2Be Champion Rhys Stephenson. Click here to watch the special assembly: https://classroom.thenational.academy/assemblies/childrens-mental-health-week-2021

Tuesday – at some point in the day, take some time to watch this video that explores talking about mental health https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oz1S66_pYTw&feature=emb_logo

Wednesday – please watch my assembly in the Video Resource Centre and have a go at the Squiggle game – I would love to see your creations! https://wyberton-primary-academy.primarysite.media/media/1221-express-yourself-childrens-mental-health-week

Thursday - watch and join along with Forest Yoga - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VpzoiZJihP0&feature=youtu.be&utm_campaign=childrens_mental_health_week_310121&utm_medium=email&utm_source=learning 

Friday – complete the Creative Learning lesson which you will find towards the bottom of this week’s work.



Below you will find your Maths lessons and which arithmetic you should complete this week. Please watch the videos in the Resource Centre for your input. This week we are moving onto Statistics and there is an extra challenge in lesson 1 – if you wish to complete – linked to the RSPB Bird Watch. You can submit your results if you would like through the RSPB website alternatively you can send them to me.

Lesson 3 – Warm up – Maths shed with a focus on times tables

                    Main lesson - CGP Targeted Question Book page 70 and 71

Arithmetic – CGP Mental Workout book p11

Once you have finished your arithmetic please mark it using the answers in the back of the book. If there is a question you would like me to help you with, please get in touch.



Below you will find your four English lessons for the week, each document includes a lesson warm up which you will need your CGP books for, the learning objective and instructions.

During this week’s lessons, we will be preparing our persuasive speech to read at the trial of Robin Hood! Please do not rush ahead and write your speech all at once as there is a focus of grammatical terms for each section, so make sure you listen to the video, completed the Grammar warm-ups that are linked and try to include these features in your writing.

Big Write

We have a very exciting story writing competition to take part in this week for Big Write! Miss Lineker has been busy planning the competition to get your creative ideas down on paper! There are prizes to be won and entries have to be with Miss Lineker by Monday 8th February at 1pm!

Please click in the link in the timetable to watch a video to hear more about this competition. 

You have been given the opening to a story (please see the document below) and you have to continue it! You can take the reader on whatever journey you like – you have complete freedom to express yourself in this way!

Please read the document carefully and then you may want to follow this structure which may take longer than one lesson:

  • Brainstorm of ideas;
  • Planning your story;
  • Writing a first draft;
  • Editing and developing your ideas;
  • Publishing
  • Sending your story to Miss Lineker (I would also love to read them!) by Monday 8th February 1pm


Our reading challenging is continuing. You can still win tokens for reading for pleasure, completing a comprehension activity (below) or joining me for story time. Just let me know what you have done and you will be entered into the competition every Friday afternoon.

The first of our reading comprehensions this week will conclude the questions we have linked to the poem ‘The Listeners’.

Reading comprehension activity 2 – CGP Comprehension book page 4 and 5

Once you have completed the comprehensions, please check your work using the answers below.


This week we're learning some of the Upper Key Stage 2 spelling words.

Activity 1 – in PDF document below

Activity 2 - in PDF document below

Spelling games - Please log onto your Spelling Shed account to practice this week’s spellings. 

Spelling test - please ask a family member to test you on this week’s spellings – they can find them within the PowerPoint - let me know your score!


This week in PSHE, we are focusing on Online Safety.

Activity 1 – Please watch the Internet Safety video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Kq3nvC8La0 I hope to hear you singing along! 😊

Activity 2 - Please read the PowerPoint to explore some aspects of online use that we need to be aware of in Year 5. Your task is to then create an Online Superhero whose job is to promote being safe online! The slides in the PowerPoint will help you plan your superhero – there is also a document if you wish to use a superhero that has been drawn for you.


In History this week, we are going to explore Victorian crimes, punishments and prisons! Please watch the video in the Resource Centre as this has more information and videos that included in the slides (the PowerPoint does not need to be looked at if you can access the video). Your activities are explained in the video; however, you will need the document below to support you.


This lesson, we will explore gestation periods in different animals. Read the PowerPoint which includes a prediction activity and instructions for your main task.


This week, we are continuing with the Key Shapes challenges. I would love to add some photos to the gallery below of the shapes you create or any other physical activities you are doing.

Creative learning: Express Yourself

Try this ‘draw your feelings’ activity by Place2Be’s Art Room team. You will need some paper and somethings to draw or mark make with.

Click on the link in the timetable to watch the video demonstration.

Then get creative and express your feelings through your drawing! If you would like to share them, I would love to see them! If you wish to used mixed media (collage, old magazines, material etc) then feel free to do so – remember it is about expressing yourself – but please ask permission first!

Gallery for this week

Have a look at our gallery of photos and work sent this week!