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Last week in Science, we planned our fair test. We wanted to find out whether all liquids evaporate. I was really looking forward to carrying out this investigation with you in class.


So, let's adapt this lesson and still carry out the investigation but from home instead! Please make sure you speak to your grown ups first and get permission to carry out this investigation.

Follow the instructions below and send me your findings!

1) Gather 3 or 4 different liquids you would like to investigate. Some ideas we had in class were water, honey, toothpaste, squash or fizzy drinks

2) Measure out the SAME amount of liquid into separate containers. Perhaps you could draw a line on the outside of the container to show how much liquid is inside?

3)  Leave the liquids for a period of time maybe a day or two days or a week?

4) Measure the liquids again and see how they have changed. Did they all evaporate at the same rate? Did any of them not evaporate?


Here are some further lessons from Oak National linked to our Science topic if you wish to take your learning further! Each lesson contains a video from a primary teacher and activities for you to complete.


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What are changes of state and why do they take place?

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