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Term 5- How has crime and punishment changed over time?

Welcome to the summer term in Year 5. As the weather improves, we will be spending more time in our grounds, making the most of outdoor learning. We have lots of exciting learning taking place this term and our Enquiry question is 'how has crime and punishment changed through time?' 


We endeavour to share as much of our learning online as possible. However, if you would like to know/see more, please come and speak to Mr Pomfret to arrange this. 


Please see below our newsletter which outlines the learning that will take place this term as well as our Enquiry mat for ideas on how you can further your learning related to our History. 


This week, we began our learning of poetry by creating ambitious vocabulary through a ‘jigsaw’ activity. Our poem is based on the acrostic poem ‘heron’ from the poetry book ‘lost words’. Each of our groups had a different segment of a heron to write about, including adjectives, verbs and metaphors in our descriptions. 


This week, we began our History learning of crime and punishment. We explored different crimes and punishments to determine which were still in place today. We debated as to why some of these have changed through time and concluded that many of the punishments that cause physical harm have been abolished due to the ineffectiveness of its use. 


This term, we are embedding, refining and improving our athletic and football skills. This week, we refined our dribbling and passing skills in football and applied this to game situations. 

This week, in athletics, we learnt how to keep our pace when partaking in a sprint. We know that the importance of keeping our pace is so that our opponents won’t overtake us in a race. 


This term we are learning how to play the glockenspiel effectively and creating our own music.