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WC 7.2.21

Welcome to the last week of term. You have done amazingly to get here! Keep sending me your work this week and I will be regularly updating our class page so you can see what everyone is getting up to. 

The time table below is the live lessons I will be doing with the key worker children throughout the week. It is suggested you follow this as well and if you need any help with a particular task, get in touch and I can help you live in the lesson. If you are a part time key worker child, following this timetable at home will make sure you are prepared for when you are in class with me. 


Don't forget to join me for story time live online on Wednesday at 11:30am and make a booking to update me with your progress with your work. I will also be offering bookings to give children the chance to read to me. Choose your school book or a book from home to share with me. The link for this is below.

I am looking forward to seeing you all again.

Morning lessons 9am 10:10 10:30 11:30 Afternoon lessons
Monday Maths 1 SPAG 1

English 1


Live stream)

Phonics 1


Tuesday Maths 2 Reading 1 English 2 Phonics 2


Internet Safety Video

Wednesday Maths 3

English 3


Live Stream)


Live story time

with Miss Anstey


Thursday Maths 4 Reading 2 English 4 Phonics 3 Science  
Friday Maths 5 Spelling test Big Write



Class Celebration



Don't forget I will be replying to emails and meeting on Bookings at 11:30- 12 and 2-3pm each day, so please send me messages and pictures/ videos of your work.


Don't forget the same rewards are still up for grabs. Team points can be given via email when you send me pictures of your work and these all add up to our Bronze, Silver and Gold awards. Which one are you working towards?

Speller of the week and mathematician of the week will be awarded in Year 2's Celebration Assembly so get busy on Edshed- spelling and maths.

A reading champion will also be picked so keep me updated with when you are reading for pleasure or completing a reading or phonics task and if you win, you can select a book from the Reading Treasure Chest on your return. Have a look at my video giving you a sneak peak into the treasure chest at what books are there for you to win!

This weeks assembly will be a little different as it will give us chance for all Year 2 Kingfishers to celebrate everything we have achieved this week. Read more about this below to find out how to join in.

Year 2 Class Celebration Assembly

This week we will be having a class assembly live with the keyworker children in class and all of my remote learning Kingfishers from you houses. I will send out an email with the link on and you can join using that, just like we do for story times. 

This will be 2- 2:30pm on Friday 12th February and this will give us chance to celebrate everything we have achieved over this term while you have been amazing Stay at Home Superheroes! 

I would like everyone to choose a piece of work they have done this term that they are proud of. You can share it with the class, talk about it or just hold it up to show. If you prefer not to that is fine as well so no pressure.

Internet Safety Day

As Tuesday is Internet Safety Day, I would like you to watch the video on the link below. As this is such an important message, we will be doing more work on this when we all return to school. Let me know what you think of the video.


This week we are going to continue to focus on position and direction.

Maths 1

Watch the Maths 1 video in the video resource centre (see link below) where I begin to introduce directions and how these can be followed. After watching that use Maths 1 sheet to understand and identify directions.

Maths 2

Watch the Maths 2 video in the video resource centre (see link below) where I explain some more new vocabulary used when giving instructions. After watching the video complete the tasks on Maths 2 sheet.

Maths 3

Recap on the new vocabulary from this week by watching Maths 1 and 2 videos again. Then complete the tasks on Maths 3 sheet.

Maths 4

Recap on everything we have learnt this week by reading pages 66 and 68 in your Maths Targeted Study book. Then complete page 67 and 69.

Maths 5

Please complete arithmetic test 6, which is in paper form in your packs. On Friday, I will go through the strategies and answers with the key worker children in class and record it. Once you have finished, watch the video, check your working out and mark your answers. Let me know your scores.


This week for English we are doing something very different and we will be taking part in 'The Festival of Literature' which can be done online from home. This is very exciting as we get to meet real life authors!!!

English 1

We are going to start 'The Festival of Literature' by joining the story teller Emily Hanna-Grazebrook at 10:30am. Use the link below at the designated time to join in. Emily will takes us on a magical, musical story telling adventure that you should enjoy. Once you have watched her story telling, send me a message or a video letting me know what you thought of it. Also if you have any questions for her, please let me know and I can email her directly to find out the answers for you.

English 2

Today I would like you to choose a story that you are familiar with and enjoy reading. I would like you to practise sharing that story with others, thinking about what you learnt from Emily yesterday. How did she present the story? Are there strategies you learnt from her you can develop into your own story telling? Record your performance of you reading your story and share the video with me. Remember to speak clearly, loud enough and with expression.

English 3

Today we have another live stream at 10am with an author called Emma Yarlett, who has a lovely selection of children's books. Use the link below at the designated time to join in. Emma will share the story behind her book-eating monster adventure with Nibbles. Can you watch and help get Nibbles back to where he belongs? Once you have watched her story telling, send me a message or a video letting me know what you thought of it. Also if you have any questions for her, please let me know and I can email her directly to find out the answers for you.

English 4

Hopefully yesterday you enjoyed listening to Emma Yarlett and finding all about Nibbles. Emma gave us step by step instructions for how to draw Nibbles and it was lovely to see you have a go. Nibbles is a very cheeky character who likes to jump into other books, interrupt their stories and have a nibble. We heard this happen to Goldilocks and then to Little Red Riding Hood. Todays task is to write about Nibbles jumping into one of your favourite books. It doesn't have to be a full story but please include Nibbles meeting your favourite character. For example, what would Nibbles say if he met the Gruffalo?

There are also instructions for how to make a Nibbles book mark. If you have the materials you need for this- give it ago and see if you can make your own. 

Big Write

This is where you show me all the amazing things you can put into your own creative piece of writing. We are going to continuing with the picture book 'Journey' because reading what you have written has been amazing!

I have included the last set of pictures from the story that follow on from last weeks and I would like you to write the end part of the story in your own words. This is where you can be creative with your vocabulary and include expanded noun phrases and verb phrases. You could include different sentences e.g. simple or complex with conjunctions, questions or exclamations. I have included a word mat of conjunctions that might help you when developing your sentences. See link below.

As discussed with writing before, it can be quite tricky to think of the whole thing. Make it easier by breaking it down into one sentence at a time and say it out loud. It will be easier to write if you have heard it first. It might also make it easier if you just spend 5-10 minutes talking to some about the pictures- what do you see? Who is the main character? What is happening? Why do you think that is happening? Maybe even making some notes using key words or phrases based on each picture.

I love reading Big Write pieces of writing so please make sure you send me a photo of your work.

Story telling fun

Still image for this video

Enjoying the Festival of Literature

Still image for this video

Retelling one of my favs

Still image for this video

Retelling a story

Still image for this video

Response to watching the author Emma Yarlett

Still image for this video

Another response to Emma Yarlett the author

Still image for this video


This week we are going to recap on different sentence types. This is something we have looked at before this year but I just want us to remind ourselves. Our writing should be full of different sentence types so hopefully after looking at these, we can build them into our Big Write on Friday.


This week we are focusing on another part of 'Shackleton's Journey' called 'Escaping the Ice'. There is a paper copy of this text in your packs and I have added the text below in case you can't find it. Like last week I would like you to read it daily. This will help to build up fluency and deepen your understanding. It would be good if this could be read with an adult and discuss some of the vocabulary in it. 

Reading 1 and reading 2 both link to this text. You can find them both below

Phonics and Spellings

Phonics this week has 3 tasks for you to do. They are all on the same sheet below but clearly labelled- task 1, task 2 and task 3. They focus on the 'er' sound and in particularly spelling the 'er' sound using alternative spellings. 

The spelling sheet is also below so you can practise throughout the week- this can be done in your exercise book. The spelling test will be on Friday

Reading for Pleasure

We are still having a reading champion each week and if you would like to be in with a chance to choose a book to take home to keep, then you can still let me know each day what you have been reading. You can still take part at home by updating me with any reading task- this might be reading your school book, reading a book of your own at home, completing a reading comprehension task or a phonics task or doing something else reading related.


Please keep me updated with what books your enjoying, what your favourite parts are and don't forget to join me for story time at 11:30am on Wednesday where I will be reading to all my Kingfishers in school and at home via live video link. The link from last week will work but I will send out a reminder link to you all. Please reply to my email about meeting permissions if you haven't already.


It was fantastic listening to some children read last week but I would love to listen to a lot more this week  so if you would like to join me for our own story time, book an appointment online choosing the Kingfisher reading with Miss Anstey service available between 11-11:30am every day! See the link below. Feel free to book more than one slot if you would like

My favourite time of the day- listening to my Kingfishers read!

Sharing a love of reading

Still image for this video

Weekly Story Time with the Class


I was so impressed with all your recommendations for what we can do to help stop climate change. You suggested walking more instead of using cars, making sure we don't litter and do litter picks, recycle more and create a compost, plant more trees and inform others about the problem. 

Some of these are more long term goals but some of them we can start to do write away. 

Well done to one Kingfisher in particular who has started a local litter pick group in our community and has already picked up bags of rubbish from around Wyberton. 

This week I would like you to create a poster to inform please of the issue of climate change. 

Your poster should include:

- a title

- information about climate change- What is the problem?

- who is affected? Recap on the animals at danger

- what can people do to help- think about all the suggestions above

- make it eye catching

- make it clear and well organised



For today’s task, I would like you to think about all the skills we have developed through Art this term. This is the last Art lesson before the holidays so I would like you to show me everything you have learnt so far.

I would like you to draw me a landscape from a view around you. It might be the view from a window in your house, from in the garden or it might be that you take your Art lesson outside this week and draw a landscape from the woods, park or another place you like to explore.

Your landscape should include:

  • Soft, short sketching strokes
  • A wide view of where ever you pick to draw
  • Detail of what is around you
  • Colour using paint, colouring pencils, wax crayons or any thing else you have to add colour

Think carefully about the use of colour you choose. Winter landscapes should include browns and greens for the natural lands, blues for the skies and white and greys for any winter snow.

Remember to send me photos of your finished pieces. I can’t wait to see them.


This is our final PE lesson of the term. I would like you to choose an activity you would like to do to keep you fit and healthy.

You could choose

  • To continue with gymnastics and develop another sequence to share with me
  • You might go for a walk, bike ride or scooter outdoors somewhere
  • You might enjoy running around and playing at the park
  • You might be practising a hobby at home/ outdoors that you usually enjoy when lockdown wasn’t a thing e.g. football
  • You might follow a exercise video like Joe Wicks or Cosmic Kids

Let me know what you enjoy and why you like it.

Science and DT

We have a very exciting DT project that we will start in the first week after half term. Before we start, watch the video clip to see how a pom pom is made. Then write a set of instructions explaining the step by step process seen in the pictures on the sheet.

Can you guess what we might be doing after half term?


Over the term we have tried different activities that we call 'mindfulness'. Activities that help us keep calm, relaxed and happy. They are great to practise when we are already feeling good so in moments of need, when we don't feel so good, we can use these strategies to help us. 

Choose one of the activities from below to do that you know you enjoy and let me know why you like it:

- colouring, drawing or painting

- crafting or junk modelling

- a form of exercise

- yoga where you focus on your breathing (Cosmic Kids link below)

- reading a book

- do a jigsaw

- play a board game as a family


Homework this week will be using our CGP books.

Please complete the following pages alongside the home learning by Friday 12th February.

Maths mental work out- page 17

Handwriting- page 25


Other activities

It is also so lovely to hear and see the other wonderful things you are doing to keep yourself busy while being Stay at Home Superheroes! It has been lovely to see you playing with your siblings, baking and lots of outdoor fun! What else will you get up to this week?

Just a reminder that school work might seem too much at times and you can choose to do something else- maybe spend time together as a family or play with your siblings. Remember that it is ok to take some time away from it all.

Having fun in the snow!

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Fun as a child!

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