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Term 2- What can we discover about America on our great American road trip?

This term we are focusing on America based on our enquiry 'What can we discover about America on our great American road Trip?' We will incorporate this in our English and discover Route 66 and the cities it travels through, creating a leaflet based on California. This is also supported in our Guided Reading the California Comet. For more information based on our enquiry and term please see below the newsletter and enquiry mind map.


We are very lucky to have the Lincolnshire Music service specialist teaching us this term. We are exploring brass instruments and forming a brass band. Mr Hardacre has been able to share his wonderful knowledge and we look forward to expanding our music abilities. 



During this term, our enquiry is What can we discover about America on our great American road trip? Therefore we are exploring the USA and Route 66 particularly California. So we are delighted to have new books to help us explore and develop our knowledge. 



The Zones of Regulation


We have been exploring our emotions and feelings and how these can change and how they affect our learning and our behaviour. We are developing skills to manage and identify our feelings so we can support ourselves and each other.

The Zones of Regulation

Children in Need

It was lovely to see so many of the school especially Badger class supporting children In need and understanding the meaning behind it! Lovely to see the school's values in action LOVE & HOPE.

Children in Need

Computing - We are Makers


The children have really enjoyed learning how to make a program and use microbits this term.

In this unit, the children have learned about:

  • The – process – output model of computation
  • About the inputs and outputs available on a BBC micro:bit
  • To program using the MakeCode block-based environment
  • To test and debug programs they write, using an on-screen simulator and the micro:bit
  • How to convert and transfer a program written on screen to the micro:bit.


Business and Enterprise Curriculum


During this term the children have worked through the cycle of the Business and enterprise curriculum, the skills they have learned and applied are problem-solving, money, decision-making, taking risks, leadership and responsibility, working as a team and making a presentation. The children worked in each area through our DT lessons to produce a fantastic product for our Christmas fair. Leading to a profit of £46.10 the children worked so well together and really thought about each stage. Now to come up with ideas for how the class can spend the money.

Business and Enterprise

RE -Raksha Bandhan


During RE the children have been learning about the faith of Hinduism and their culture. The children learned that the practice Hindus apply is the Rasksha Bandhan where brothers and sisters show their love and support for each other. Often the girls will give their sister a bracelet to symbolise love and protection and the brother in return gives his sister a present as a symbol of love. The children enjoyed learning about this practice and made their on bracelets to represent love and protection.

RE - Raksha Bandhan

ART- Christmas Cards and Calendars

The children really enjoyed designing and being creative with their Christmas cards and calendars for their families. The main focus was to use contrasting colours, the children were able to use their retrieval knowledge from Year 3 and the use of the colour wheel to choose which colours they would like to work with. I think they turned out brilliantly and the children were very proud. 

ART - Christmas Cards and Calendars