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W/C 12.07.2021

Week commencing 12.07.2021

Hello Fox Class,

We almost made it to the end of term. We are almost at the end of our enquiry question for this term - ‘What was life like for the Ancient Egyptians in life and after death.’ I look forward to talking to you virtually over teams over the next week.

 Mrs Davies 😊


Morning lessons


Afternoon lessons



Maths lesson 1

English lesson 1

Introduction to this week’s text.

Story Time with Mrs Davies


Spelling activity 1


Teacher conference

During this time, I am available for online booking, responding to your emails, and making phone calls.



Maths lesson 2

English lesson 2

Reading comprehension


Spelling activity 2



Maths Lesson 3

English lesson 3

Reading comprehension

Spelling games on Spelling Shed



Maths lesson 4

English lesson 4

Reading comprehension

Spelling games on Spelling Shed




Lesson 5

Big Write

Reading for pleasure

Spelling test

**Change of plan from DT** Music


In Maths this week, we are going to continue our learning about shape. We will be focusing on the different type of angles and lines. There is a video for each Maths lesson along with an answer sheet too.

Maths lesson 1 video link

Maths lesson 2 video link

Maths lesson 3 video link

Maths lesson video 4 link  

Maths lesson 4 video link


In English this week, we are going to be creating some poetry based on foxes and badgers. Have a look at the PowerPoint for each lesson as it guides you through what you need to do.

Guided Reading

This week we are exploring the poem 'The Garden Year' by Sarah Coleridge

The text is on the same page as the questions each day.

Every day, read the poem out loud, time yourself for one minute, and see how many words you can read. Can you improve your score each day?


This week's spelling pattern is:The suffix ‘–sion’ pronounced /ʒən/

There will be a spelling test on Friday on the Video Resource Centre.


In the first Topic lesson this week, you will be using different sources to find out as much information as possible about a famous Pharaoh.

In the second lesson, you will be finding out about the Rosetta Stone and creating your own message for Mrs Davies to decode!


See the links below. For your P.E. lesson this week, please complete the P.E. with Joe Wicks. Throughout the week try and stay as active as possible, there are lots of 5-minute workouts with Joe and I have included the link to our favourite SuperMovers!

P.E. with Joe Wicks

5 minute workouts with Joe Wicks

BBC Supermovers   


In this week's Science lesson, you will be exploring how shadows change size. Look through the PowerPoint and have a go at page 1 of the document. You will need a torch for this activity, maybe you could use one on a mobile phone or tablet.


Please watch this video from Mrs Davies that explains why there has been a change from DT and we are now doing music. The video also explains the first part of music today, so make sure you watch it all!


The second part of music is a lesson from the National Oak Academy. Please click here to complete the lesson.