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Term 1 - What do plants need and what do we get from plants?

Our first enquiry this year is ‘What do plants need and what do we get from plants?' The children will be learning how to plant and grow their own plant before donating it to spread some happiness. Throughout the term our English, Science, DT and PSHE lessons will all be focusing on this theme to help us answer our enquiry question and produce an information leaflet to donate with our plants. What an exciting term we have ahead!



Analysing our results from our Science experiment. 

After two weeks of our cress plants growing or not growing we decided to analyse the results and draw a simple conclusion. W found out that the only plant that grew healthy was the plant that had all the correct conditions. 




DT - Evaluating existing salads

In preparation for making our own 'Sensational Salads', we tried 4 existing salads that you can find in your local super market. We tasted them, and then evaluated them on their appearance, taste and if we would eat it again. 

Labelling the basic structure of trees and plants. 

Today we learnt the names of the different parts of trees and plants. We applied our labelling skills we had learnt in English to label the different parts practically and pictorially. 




Identifying and naming a variety of common trees. 

Today we learnt lots of names of common trees we might find in our local area. We looked at the different leaves to help us identify the name of the trees. We then went on a walk around our school grounds, naming the trees we spotted and collecting lots of leaves that we later sorted in class and tried to identify which tree it belonged to. 



After learning the different names of a variety of trees we learnt the difference between an evergreen tree and a deciduous tree. We then applied our learning by grouping some leaves in evergreen and deciduous. 

Naming and finding a variety of common wild plants.

Today in our enquiry lesson we went on a plant hunt. We were looking to see what plants we could find around our school grounds. We learnt lots of names of common wild plants that we might see on our walk and then created a tally chart of all the plants that we found. 



What does a plant need to grow?

Today our class discussion was around what plants need to grow.

After discussing what pants need to grow, we spoke about what might happen to plants if they didn't get the things that they needed and applied our learning to some problems. 

We finished our lesson with a Science experiment. We wanted to find out if different cress seed plants would grow if they didn't have all the right conditions. Our first cress seed plant was our control plant - it had all the correct conditions. Our second plant we placed in a cupboard so it didn't receive any sunlight.Our third plant is going to placed in the freezer and our fourth plant isn't going to receive any water. 

We made simple predictions to see which plant would grow. 



DT - Where does our food come from?

This week in DT we are building on our learning from last week and looking more closely at where our food comes from. We found out that lots of our food comes from plants or animals. We began by naming some food that comes from plants and animals and then thinking about our favourite meal and where the food in our favourite meal might come from. 




How do you plant a seed?
Today we learnt how to plant a seed. As a class we came up with five easy steps to plant a seed. 
1. Put some soil in a pot. 
2. Make a hole with you finger and place the seed in the hole. 
3. Cover the seed with more soil and water. 
4. Watch it grow. 

DT - Getting food from plants and the 5 food groups. 

Today we started to discuss where our food comes from and named the five food groups. We then sorted food into the five food groups. 



Art - Vincent van Gogh

Today we learnt all about who van Gogh was and why he was famous. Did you know that van Gogh used oil paints and water colours to paint his paintings? His favourite thing to paint was sunflowers and he produced over 2000 paintings. 





Our first day in the Owl Class!

We have had a fantastic first day in the Owl class. We have been catching up with our friends and getting to know each other. We finished the day with our Calmer Classrooms resource, some reflection time and yoga. What a brilliant first day!