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Term 5- How does our food journey through our bodies?

Welcome back to Term 5!


I hope you've all enjoyed your Easter break. This term we have another exciting enquiry question - How does our food journey through our bodies? As this is a science driver we will become scientists and learn lots of interesting facts about our body. We will have another page-turner for our reading this term and focus on lots of active English. 

Science - How does food journey through our bodies?


During science today we learnt that the first part of the digestion cycle is the mouth and how the food journey begins in our mouths. We discussed the importance of good oral hygiene and we should brush our teeth twice a day for 2/3 minutes and floss regularly. we investigated how well we brush our teeth using disclosure tables. The children were amazed by how much plaque was left after brushing.

Science - Oral hygiene

English - Exploration


Today in English we became the characters in our story, we particularly looked at dialogue and how it is used in the story The Lost Happy Ending. We will then apply our knowledge and ideas into our own story and create our own dialogue.

English - Dialogue

Rhubarb Theatre and The Wildlife Trust - Protecting our environment


Today we had a workshop with the Rhubard Theatre and The Wildlife Trust, we learnt about the importance of looking after the planet and what we could do to help look after the animals. such as leaving food out for them, building homes and do not litter. The children really enjoyed the performance and activities. 



Rhubard Theatre and The Wildlife Trust

Science - Teeth and Eating.


In science, we have been looking and learning about how important it is to have good oral hygiene and the importance of cleaning our teeth and what we eat. we have been looking at plaque and enamel on our teeth. we have created an experiment to investigate the impacts on our teeth from different liquids.

Science experiment