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Sunflower Competition

The 2021 Sunflower Growing Competition


  • You must grow your sunflower yourselves;
  • Measurements are to be taken from soil level to the top of the plant and given in cm;
  • There will be two winners announced one for the tallest sunflower grown by a member of the Hedgehog class and one for the tallest sunflower grown out of all entrants.

We now have a couple of prizes!

Mr Taylor (my husband) has been busy recycling some old ESPO pallets from school and turning them into bird boxes that we are gong to use as prizes for the tallest sunflowers! There will be one for the Hedgehog class' tallest sunflower and one for the other entrants' tallest sunflower. This way we are not only helping to feed the birds, with the sunflower seeds that will be produced by your flowers, but also giving them a nesting sight in the spring.

How to plant a sunflower seed


If you are not sure what to do with your sunflower seeds then have a look at this video that helps to guide you through the process.



Planting has started!

The Entrants So Far!

As well as all of the children in the Hedgehog class, this is a list of all of the entrants so far. Make sure you let Mrs Taylor know if you want to take part as soon as possible.

Our sunflowers are starting to get really tall. Here's the update after 6 weeks.

Growing Progress