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How do you become a determined explorer?

Our enquiry

The Kingfishers will work over the next two terms learning knowledge and skills that they can use to answer the question- How do you become a determined explorer? Have a look on our enquiry mat at the knowledge, vocabulary and topics we are using to support our learning.


The Kingfishers started our new enquiry 'How do you become a determined explorer?' by exploring pictures of Miss Anstey's expeditions and the specialist equipment used. They were able to identify why these materials might be used in winter and they were fascinated by the crampons used in snow.


The Kingfishers used practical equipment to explore multiplication and show repeated addition. Their retrieval of being able to count in multiples of 2, 5, 10 and 3 has been super helpful!


The Kingfishers are exploring pitch this term. They loved listening to different animal sounds with ranging levels of pitch. The created movements to represent the animals and the pitch they could hear.


The Kingfishers explored the physical features of a world, while matching explanations to the pictures. The children then discussed whether we have these features in England and then compared them to Antarctica. The children were fascinated forests were the only physical feature not found in Antarctica too. They used their knowledge of the position of Antarctica and England to the equator to explain why trees can grow here and not at the South Pole.


This term the Kingfishers are learning how to create motifs based on explorers in our Dance lessons. The children have explored movements based on preparing for an expedition, travelling across Antarctica and making a discovery.


The Kingfishers are learning all about websites and how we use them to find truthful information. The children have been exploring fake news and what information we can trust.


The Kingfishers have been learning about materials, their properties and their purposes. They have been learning how the choice of material is a thoughtful choice based on the purpose of the product. They discussed which material would be best for a bed- choosing from rubber, brick or paper?

Design Technology

We have begun exploring threading skills in preparation for our D.T. project of making a winter hat. The children used large objects to practise the skill of threading as they developed their fine motor and concentration skills. 

Published Authors!

It was a very exciting day in class when we received the news that 4 of the Kingfishers have won the Young Writers competition. As a result, the stories they have written about pirate adventures are being published in a book. 


The Kingfishers have been working very hard with their writing and were able to write some fantastic postcards. They took their time to publish them with neat handwriting and created their own illustrations too!


This term in PE we have been learning about team building. We have been practising communication skills whilst playing games in teams. The children have given clear instructions but also worked hard to listen to other view points when creating strategies. 

Design Technology

We have continued our sewing skills by practising the running stitch on scrap material before we move on to sewing our hats together. The children understood the stitch as a repeated pattern but found it tricky keeping their stitches in a straight line.

World Book Day

This year children were asked to dress up as their favourite character and to create a scene from their favourite book inside a box. The creations the children brought in were fantastic!

Shared Reading

On World Book Day the Kingfishers joined the Deer class to share reading. They took it in turns to share their favourite books and to listen to each other. 

Parent Event

It was wonderful to invite our parents and carers back into school. We shared our favourite stories with them and it was lovely for parents to spend time reading to their children as well. 


We created a choice chamber to investigate the conditions minibeasts preferred in their micro habitats. We evaluated that ear wigs prefer damp and dark conditions. 


The Kingfishers have begun exploring money. They have been identifying the amounts of coins and starting to develop different variations of coins to make totals.

Design Technology 

The Kingfishers were so excited to go on our own adventure wearing the hats they created in DT. They tested them well throughout the day finding out that double layered fleece definitely keeps you warm and the material was very soft and comfortable. 

Kingfishers Adventure

The Kingfishers used all the new knowledge they have gained over this enquiry to go on an adventure to become determined explorers themselves. They wore the right clothing, brought their own supplies and used team work throughout activities throughout the day.