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WC 13.12.21

English and Reading

This week is poetry week where we are focusing on winter poems. 

Monday- Practise reading the two acrostic poems on the links below thinking about the intonation and expression you use as you read aloud. You could record yourself reading the poem and send me the video.

Tuesday- Complete the vocabulary sheet using the pictures of prompts. If a phrase is great write it in the green box, if it's ok write it in the orange box and if it isn't good enough for your own poem, write it in the red box. 


This week we are learning to find fractions of amounts. 

Monday- use practical equipment (counters, teddies, books etc) to find the answers to the questions below. Make sure you use groups to share equally.  Take pictures of the items you have grouped equally to solve your questions. Send me pictures of the answered questions and your equipment used to solve them.

½ of 10 =

1/3 of 9 =

¼ of 8 =

2/4 of 12 =

¾ of 16 =

Tuesday- complete the arithmetic test. 


We are learning how to create pictures using vegetables to print shapes. We have used a variety of vegetables and fruits so far. Create your own picture at home and send me a picture.


We are continuing to practise our dodging skills in PE at school but it might not be safe to do that in your front room. 

Why not try some peaceful yoga instead to keep you fit and healthy.